Season-opening profile on Nick Smith Jr

“He’s going to let you know he’s here and he’s busting your ass tonight.”

My season-opening profile on Nick Smith Jr., the Arkansas freshman with great expectations who is built for the moments that await him in 2022-23:

@ScottieBordelon O/U when he actually plays for Arkansas - Jan 1st.

What do you take?

Scottie you heard anything about Nick being injured and not playing tonite?

So typical of Arkansas if true.

hope it’s just smoke

I’ve reached out to a team official and have not heard back as of now. Have heard probably some of the same things some of you all have.

knew something was up when Nick didn’t participate in dunk contest on Friday nite


What’s the rumor?

nick’s knee

could be out up to 6 weeks

that’s the latest

Damn. Hope it’s not true.

yep guess we’ll find out for sure in a few hours

lots of smoke out there right now about Nick and it isn’t good

First it was Devo’s knee and now possibly Nick’s knee. Just coincidence or is the team doing something in their workouts resulting in these knee injuries?
Good news…frees up
Playing time for others.
UA… Campus of Champions

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The rumor is 6-12 weeks. If it’s 12 weeks it would be conceivable he doesn’t play this year, and he won’t be back next year. Projected 1st round picks aren’t coming back

how is losing the team’s best player for possibly up to 3 months in any way good news?


He deleted all his social media posts. Not good. I can’t imagine how frustrating this is for him, but also for us fans. Really wish the team would respond to Scotties inquiry

And what is a 12 week recovery knee injury? I don’t know about that one. I’m familiar with 6-8 week injuries or 6-8 month injuries with knees

Hope that’s true, but how can Goodman get that info before you, Scottie?
Do you trust it?

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Goodman has an already established relationship with Muss before he got to Arkansas. That’s his source

Muss had said he had a “minor” knee issue earlier

We will see in due time

Arkansas put out a press release.