Season opener for Chase Hayden

Went extremely well. He had 8 carries for 246 yards and 4 TDs. The long TD run was 72 yards. He also had a reception for 10 yards and 2 punt returns for 38 yards.

What a start! Glad to a have him. Stay healthy and keep putting those numbers up! Go hogs!

Not bad huh, every time he touched the ball (just the running plays), he went for 30 yards or more and scored 50% of the time
Probably all of that in the first half only.

I think when all is said and done that this young man is going to be looked at as a big-time steal

Chase had a quiet night in a bad loss against Briarcrest tonight, but yes, he is going to be a good one for the Hogs.

He had 13 carries for 17 yards and 3 unassisted tackles tonight.

I was told before the game the other team was much bigger. No blocking usually means a subpar game.

Yeah, SG was totally overmatched tonight. CH is for real, but it’s not a one man game.

Was it that his o-line was overmatched or that he just couldn’t do anything against them? I’m just wondering, and not trying to downplay or trash talk the kid. I, for one, am super pumped about he thought of a reawakening of the 3-headed monster (hillis, McFadden, jones era). Except now it’s Brets version. I can see it already with Williams, Whaley, Hayden next year.