Season on the line, who gets the ball?

Wick? Noland? Pitch by committee?

Remember, if we win Monday we play Wednesday; the Michigan-FSU winner is off until Friday. Of course if we don’t win Monday it doesn’t matter.

Won’t matter if we can’t hit the ball.
Zay just pitched a great game and look what it got him.

I I would think Noland because most are better hitters are right-handed.

If the offense don’t show up it won’t matter who starts! But if I was guessing it would be Wicklander!

No one thinks our offense was great, but a whole lot of that had to do with that pitcher. He pitched a great game. His curve ball was working. He had enough of an arsenal to keep us guessing. He didn’t throw a bunch of balls outside the zone. A whole lot of our loss goes to the way that pitcher pitched. We won’t see that very often.

I have no idea about the next TT pitcher. I’m sure he’s good or they wouldn’t be in Omaha, however, I doubt he’ll pitch as well as Parrish did.