Season-ending straight talk — Morris-backers, what next season could change your position ?

I, and many like me, saw absolutely nothing in terms of coaching this season to give any cause for optimism. We just keep hearing from so many, including some media, that it’s simply a lack of talent, nothing more…again, Arkansas does not lose to 3-8 Colorado State and get annihilated by North Texas at home. I’m not going there with you. What’s amazing to me is that the worse it gets — and it’s gotten worse every week — not seen an ounce of improvement, but as it gets worse, some in the media just get louder and push back harder that we have great coaches who are saddled with these awful players and it’s not their fault.

I’m not impressed at all with Morris got done at SMU, so telling us what a great job he did there does not sell either.

Our HC is a great recruiting coordinator — we’re told he’s going to sign a great class. I hope it happens, and I hope all are right.

But please tell us other than recruiting — what did you see this season that proves we have the right head coach? What’s the evidence? In the final two games of the season, the Hogs got beaten 90 to 6 or 90 to 3? What did you see in that that proves your position we have an excellent head coach? Or was it something you saw in the other 9 games? What? What was it? Tell us please.

And in closing, what’s it going to take next season for you to finally admit you are wrong and Arkansas needs to go in a different direction? Obviously the worst team in Arkansas history and the worst season since 1952 had no affect on your opinion, so what’s your standard for next season?

To answer your question back — I want to see the top 20 recruiting class we have been promised — not close — top 20. But more importantly, 5 wins — if this Coach can win 5 games next season, I’ll give him another season regardless of the recruiting rankings. If he wins 6 or more, I’ll change my opinion and get on his train.

Until I see that, I know this is not the right coach for Arkansas, I just know it and have since the NTSU blow-out. And for 9 weeks since, I’ve been looking for something to change my mind, the flickers of hope we saw in the A&M and Auburn games got extinguished in November — and I mean completely extinguished.

5 wins next year should be attained next year. Anything less is an abject failure. Why?

A second year SEC coach coming off of 2-10, 0-8 CANNOT lose to Portland State, San Jose State, Colorado State, or Western Kentucky. MUST sweep that bunch.

A second year coach coming off an 0-8 season CANNOT finish 0-8 in the SEC again. Ole Miss, MSU, Missouri and Kentucky will be losing a lot including and three of those will be losing very good senior QBs. Got to find a way to beat at least one of those.

Anything less than 5-7 will be unacceptable.

We agree on this one. Good analysis.

I agree having a great recruiting class is one thing competing on the field is another matter. I said and many others did also that Noland should have been starting from the Ole Miss game on, but no we want to save his redshirt, that is the biggest bunch of crap I’ve heard from a head coach since John L Smith was coach. I’m beginning to believe that Elmo was correct and that’s saying a lot.


A bad team with subpar talent all over the field just went 2-10. That’s the reality. It’s also reality that Bill Belichick or Nick Saban couldn’t have fixed this team. Especially since it was recruited for a completely different system (and not very well even for that). I don’t care who the trainer is, a plowhorse can’t run in the Kentucky Derby. We had plowhorses, some of whom are being shoved out of the barn as we speak. And some of those plowhorses didn’t even want to pull the plow.

Next year more than half the roster will be Morris recruits. I don’t expect a miracle but I do expect significant improvement. Especially if we land Bryant. The #1 thing that needs to be fixed is the OL. Does that mean Fry is gone? Maybe, but once again he had nothing to work with.

I will point out how bad UK was for years in football - but they are a respectable team now - lets give Morris a chance - One thing I am certain … Arkansas will succeed or fail under Coach Morris

IMHO if Coach Morris fails - Arkansas will remain down for a very long time because the reputation will be set in urban legend stone as;

“Arkansas is the place Coaches careers come to die”

Recent coaching history at Arkansas

Coach Jack Crowe failed here
Coach HDN failed here
Coach BP failed here (Character)
Coach JL Smith failed here
Coach Bret B failed here

That’s a lot of mixed success that all ended in failure

No one will want to come to Arkansas

Coach Morris needs to succeed for the sake of Arkansas future

I agree with the 5-7 minimum but I think it will take two very good JC tackle recruits to do that. JMVVVVVHO

Anyone that says they know are just guessing. Jury is still out on this coach and staff.

Do we all want him to succeed. Absolutely

Anything we did this year on the field give you confidence or optimism. No in my opinion.

No 1st Drive tds. Held without a td what? 4 games. Look at offensive rankings. Last.

Defense not much better.

Fact is none of us know. The jury is still out

Good post.

Agree, the jury is still out, but I will say that I’ve not been impressed with game decisions, starting with the fourth-and-1 at CSU when he had the opportunity to step on the accelerator with a rushing offense the Rams still haven’t stopped, but instead chose to punt. The Tulsa win was the result of just playing a worse team than us. For every criticism made of CBB’s gameday decisions (and rightfully so), I haven’t seen any this year that made me feel better. Yet, knowing the situation, I won’t cast him out yet. He must win five next year, and even at that, he’d only be 1-15 in the SEC. He’d have to go 10-14 in the SEC in the next three years just to match you-know-who’s 11-29. I’m hoping he’ll do better.

Well… they better get them and should given we are told, and early evidence suggests, they are very good recruiters.

An Arkansas coach cannot survive 0-8 in the SEC two years in a row and must beat the rent a wins. Especially after gagging against one and getting thumped by another in his first year.

I agree with Razorwill.

I don’t think its fair for anyone to try to monopolize on what they believe is “reality.” Everyone has an opinion and that’s fine, but to outright condemn the coach by ignoring other factors that you don’t want to address isn’t logical. I believe fans in both camps on CCM have some legitimate views.

The only fans that get me are the “other direction” fans. What are you seriously going to do? If we canned Morris this year or next, what coach is going to come here with the threat of “succeed now or your fired.” Better yet, how are you going to find a good coach when you’re paying off two buyouts from two previous coaches? For better or worse, Morris is probably going to be our coach for at least 4 years. I’ve already given my reasons for hope and what I’ve seen as improvement on other threads so I’m not going to keep repeating myself.

I’m curious who this media is that you claim said it is a lack of talent…and nothing more.

Morris has two more years regardless of the record and more likely three. He will get the time because his bosses and the fellow coaching community knows what he inherited.
I doubt very seriously if there will be staff changes because of the recruiting abilities of this staff. At this point it is not x’s and o’s But about the jimmies and joes.


Amen preach it. The easy thing is to blame the players that were lauded by the same people that are now trashing them, because they know we are stuck with this coach. but they know that there was absolutely nothing shown in 12 games that this staff has a shot at winning football. They might be able to do it but not with what they showed in leadership and game planning this year, i highly doubt they somehow show something different.

Who lauded these players? I’ve been saying the roster is one of the worst, if not the worst, in the league. Tommy Tuberville said the same before the season, every preseason mag picked us last in the SECW, the SEC media days poll picked Arkansas dead last in the league.

Who are you talking about?

I disagree with you about Morris, and whether or not you can decide if he’s a good fit or not after 12 games, BUT I agree with you about the highlighted portion, we will be stuck with him, win or lose, for at least four years

I hope he stays for four years. He’ll have his players by then and I think we’ll be respectable again. It will take that long. It is pure idiocy to talk of getting rid of him now.

No Arkansas football coach could survive a 2 year record of 5-19 / 0-16. If that happens, the basketball team will be drawing more fans than football. It’s the lack of projected attendance and ticket sales that would mandate his removal after 2 years.

This “he’ll get his 4 years regardless of record” can’t happen under a 2-year scenario like the above.