Season-ending score prediction thread: Missouri at Arkansas

What I want to happen is that Arkansas pulls it together one more time for the coaches and each other and beats the snot out of Missouri, whom I’m beginning to hate very much. What I think will happen is that we can’t handle the Tigers’ prolific offense and are too banged up ourselves to survive a shootout.

Mizzou 38, Arkansas 28.




Mizzou gets anther

Too much Misery
Not enough Hogs

MU is playing well, especially on offense. They have a future NFL QB who will pick us apart. We will play hard, but we don’t have the hosses to hang with them. (At this point in the season, injuries & now discipline issues really are having an impact.)

MU 45
Ark 28

Arkansas 55
Mizzou 49

Going against the grain here. Hoping hogs man up, play w max effort. Coaches , knowing they are gone, put it together 1 last time. Arkansas 42. Missouri 40

Ark 26

Mo 22

BB’s last stand—

35- 31. Go for it on 4Th. down and call the fumblerooski and get the gamw winner :lol:

35- 31. Go for it on 4Th. down and call the fumblerooski and get the game winner :lol:

Sadly I fear Arkansas gets rolled

If the Razorbacks win it will be for the seniors

Naw - no gas in the tank

I just don’t think this team can win

They know I’d they lose they are dead last in the SEC - I don’t think they have the ability to save themselves from that indignity

Hogs. 38
Tigers. 28


Hogs were within 3 with four minutes to go in the 3rd against LSU. Leading with five minutes to go in the fourth against Miss State. Just need to figure out how to get over that second half slump and actually finish, like they did against Coastal Carolina and Ole Miss. Can’t go against the Hogs. Hogs 27-24.

Seniors play all out for last game for them and CBB.
Hogs 38
Moo 35

defensive game Hogs 7 Tigers 3.

Hogs win 45-38.

Key int late saves us.
Hogs - 31
Mizzu - 27

I have seen every Razorback game this year (live or on TV) and I’ve watched the bulk of Mizzou’s games on TV. Nothing I have seen would lead me to believe Arkansas has much of a chance to win this game. Nice that it’s senior day, and nice that it’s at home – albeit in front of fewer than 30,000 I suspect – but I don’t see how we stop that fast break offense for four quarters.

Hate it, but even with emotion and wanting to win one for the Gipper, the Hogs haven’t shown they can beat a team with a good QB. Mizzou 35 Hogs 31…