Season ending RPI

It seems we ended the regular season with a RPI of 30. What has been the season ending RPI in the first six years of Mike Anderson era? Anyone up for some research?

That’s would be nice to know. I can’t remember last years. If I have time I’ll do some checking.

Here are the final season RPI’s according to ESPN. It includes all the seasons the MA has been here.

2017-18 RPI: 29
2016-17 RPI: 25
2015-16 RPI: 127
2014-15 RPI: 19
2013-14 RPI: 69
2012-13 RPI: 88
2011-12 RPI: 110
2010-11 RPI: 105

One thing to remember is that Hogs have not made it past the 2nd round of NCAA’s since 1996. We won the SEC in 2000 but lost in the first round. Been a long drought for us. Would like to see us get back, but basketball has changed a lot in 20 years.

Thanks for find this info. I want us to be relevant again.

Thanks for the research

Makes me think we are headed back to the dreaded 8/9 game again barring a win against Florida on Friday.

Thanks for checking on that. Just wanted to let you know that 2010-2011 was John Pelphrey’s last year here. Mike’s first year was 2011-2012.

Thanks for that research. For everyone, the ESPN RPI is not the official RPI used by the NCAA. I don’t have time to transfer it now, but Warren Nolan’s site has old RPI info. The question I can’t answer right now is: does your RPI change while I’m the NCAAT.
I don’t think it does, but I know it does with conference tournament. So, right now, 2017-2018 is incomplete.

Good point. So, we could be lower than 29 after SECT. I think official NCAA RPI is 30 right now.

That is correct; 30th this morning.

Warren Nolan’s site has the Quadrant 1-2-3-4 breakdown as well. We’re 8-9 against Q1-2 (5-8 in Q1). A&M is 12-10. Wanna know why they’re probably going to get a better seed than us, that’s it. Although that is one thing that can change this weekend. If we get through Thursday, everyone left should be Q1. Even the Chickens would be Q2 on Thursday if they beat the Rebnecks.

BTW, the Jellycats are 3-8 vs. Q1 opponents but 9-2 against Q2.