Season ending Hoops thoughts

If it is such a good list then why haven’t we won a ncaa tournament game the past two years? Poor coaching apparently huh? If those are such good players as you say.

If one doesn’t earn a ninth season but doesn’t earn a pink slip, am I unaware of another choice?

Simple math for me. Hasn’t done enough to get terminated and absolutely doesn’t deserve a raise.

That’s not what your post I quoted asked. You were making fun of the staff as a whole trying to imply that all our recruits are mid-major level. Which is far from the case.

But, just to entertain you, because I don’t have anything else to do right now, some notable Spring signees for the Hogs Coty Clarke, Dusty Hannahs, Alandise Harris, Jabril Durham, Mason Jones, and Jalen Harris. That’s just off the top of my head, I’m sure I’m missing some.

Our core guys are already on campus. We just need 2-3 guys this Spring, even if they are role players to help fill in. I’ll take a Jabril Durham type to be back-up PG, or a Coty Clarke type that can start at the 4 spot and help stretch the defense with shooting and play solid defense.

Next question?

I’m OK with giving Mike another year for all of the previously mentioned reasons but I also think the people that want a change should have their opinion respected.

For one thing we shouldn’t be overly excited about a close loss in the NIT. With our history, any NIT season should be a disappointment. Period. Doesn’t matter how young the team is in this day and age.

Texas A&M just fired a coach who won the SEC regular season and had two sweet sixteen appearances (in 8 years) including a 20 point demolition of North Carolina in the 2nd round just last year. I do think some of the stay the course crowd has too low of expectations for our program. If we ever made the sweet sixteen I think some would offer a coach a lifetime contract.

I’m not saying Billy Kennedy is better than Mike because he isn’t. He had several losing seasons, it’s just that our history is MUCH better than the Aggies and we should expect more not less. Remember when Frank Broyles fired a basketball coach coming off of back to back NCAA appearances. Right or wrong he had very high standards.

Again like most on here I really like Mike and want to give him the benefit of the doubt. But I also don’t want to give up on our great tradition and high expectations. Go Hogs.

Not sure that is a formula for success.

You’re entitle to your opinion. I’m not predicting a final four run. It’s my opinion that Mike Anderson should be given next year to coach this team.

Hell, what I’ve been hearing is he was never going to be fired, if anything at all he thought about leaving o on his own.

If we had lost any of these recruits, imagine the crticism that would have been laid on Mike.

I’m like most on here…I like Mike &would love for him to be our coach if he could turn this around & get us into the tournament more often & deeper into it, but since I don’t feel like 2019-2020 will be any better than this year, I’d rather start rebuilding this year, than waiting another year to start rebuilding. But, I’ll always pull for him & every other Razorback coach while employed at Arkansas. That’s just my opinion.

I agree. I’m not a fire Mike guy. But we can certainly question our program expectations,which have far greater history than programs firing coaches who have more recent NCAA tourney success.

First off, those guys I mentioned above have only been on campus one season. Surely you know enough about basketball to know that a recruiting class/players are not defined by how well they do in their first year on campus. When Mississippi State had the #10 recruiting class in 2016 they went 16-16 and didn’t even make the NIT, when Auburn had the #12 recruiting class in 2016, those guys went 18-14 and didn’t make the NIT either. So by your logic these other coaches are poorer coaches than CMA, because they had higher rated classes and couldn’t even make the NIT.

Thanks for bringing that point up. Next question.

I like a few. They need to learn their role and where to shoot from! They were too young this year and never learned how to close a game out! Maintain a lead or how to put teams away. The major reasons
Poor free throw shooting, no rebounding. Failing to finish at the rim, failing to play defense and the wrong players taking shots they can’t make! Players make plays. The auburn team was just like the hogs 3 years ago!

I enjoyed reading these posts as there is a lot of passion for the basketball program and for Coach Anderson. I am pleased to see the school’s outreach to Coach Richardson as well. Both are good people and have done a lot for the UA program.

In today’s world and the SEC in particular, the amount of money drives the building, recruitment and fan support. Finances drive much of the decision making. A change in leadership in women’s UA basketball shows how quickly things can change with right person in place.

I think the decision ultimately comes down to how the powers to be feel the revenues will benefit by a decision. Winning cures most revenue issues. Football is already under the gun with poor records last three years and new large dollar expansions just completed. Basketball got new practice facilities too. I look at the situation as a business of being competitive to win. The tools are there for all of the programs but leadership is the key ingredient to take advantage of the options.

I think it is time for a change after 8 years–both for the program and for Coach Anderson. I think he has given it his all. My main complaint is the lack of recruiting of guards during this period. You cannot compete without guards. Same is true for quarterbacks in football . The current basketball tournaments and football playoffs underscore this and the objective of all schools is to get into these playoffs on regular basis. As Brando said in The Godfather, “Nothing personal , just business”. Harsh statement but a lot of truth too.

Wow! That is major news and may deserve a front page article. This could be the nail in the coffin Yuracheck is looking for.

When did these fans develop this feeling? Must be in the last few years. When Arkansas beat Kentucky with the Qualls dunk in 2015, Mike had a healthy lead in H2H over Calipari.

I wondered the same thing because I used to work with quite a few KY guys and I am friends with a few more, they’re cheering that we want Mike gone.

Wow, this board is toxic.

I, like everyone else here, love the hogs, and yearn for info. so I pay my money to this board, since I think it’s the best out there. But this basketball board has become so toxic. You handful of CMA jihadists are just so hateful towards anyone who has an opinion different from yours.

So as much as I want to read about hogs, I’ve come to avoid this basketball board, since you guys make every thread so hateful and personal and pedantic. I venture here rarely, and when I do, this is what I get.

You literally take a shot at my aunt, cousins and friends, based on me quoting them? what are you talking about “front page article/HY’s nails”?!?

You really need a break from this board, more than I do. Seriously, just take a look at your post. And it’s a shame, PJ, since you are knowledgeable and used to be one of hte posters I enjoyed reading. Now you are one of the handful of people who have made this board unbearable. Why are you so intolerant of opinions other than yours?


I’m sorry… but this doesn’t even sound like a true story you gave, sounds like something you made up, now you’re playing the victim because you got called out on it.

First off, there’s only been 1 recruit in the CMA era that Calapari has come to the state and got under CMA, and that’s Malik Monk. Goodwin was already on his way to Kentucky and been recruited by them for a long time before CMA even got the job. They tried to recruit Bobby Portis and Daryl Macon, both had Kentucky interest and and probably would have got offers if they hadn’t committed so early to the Hogs. Next, as PJ stated for the longest CMA had a winning H-H record against Cal, we are one of the few teams in the SEC that can walk into Rupp any year and have a legit shot to winning, it took everything they had + the refs helping them to beat us in Rupp this year and we had a really young/inexperienced team.

So, either the KY people you’re talking to don’t follow the KY/Arkansas games enough to know that CMA has always given them problems, or this story is made up, and you’re upset that nobody bought it. I’m thinking it’s the latter.

As we know, there are many different opinions on Arkansas Basketball, but if we all put our thoughts out like you did here, the discussion would be much more tolerable. I’ll do something similar soon, maybe today.

Blu, just sent you a pm.