Season ending Hoops thoughts

I’ve been a Mike guy and was absolutely thrilled when we brought him home. I was so happy, took the day off of work when he held his presser and watched it many times. A lot of folks said the bridge had been burned and he had something special at Mizzou and would not leave them for us. He left a family member behind and the Pressey kids that he knew their entire lives so he could “Come Home”. This was the ONLY job he would’ve left them for, it was probably really hard for him to leave them and Mizzou fans dubbed him 'Suitcase Mike"

Kentucky fans absolutely hate him, they think he’s a thug that sends our players out to hurt theirs. They feel that he is classless and always look for things to dog him on. Several times they’ve called him out for not shaking hands after the game. I’ve only seen that once when Mike went after the ref then jumped back into the hand shaking line. Their insiders claim that Calipari Hates Mike Anderson. Wonder why. I hate it that he’s so misrepresented out there.

This season had some highs and lows, about what was expected from them. I figure there’s a lot of folks that would’ve wagered we wouldn’t even make the NIT. I’m glad we did and saw what we have coming back is capable of. Couple of games we should’ve won and you can make a case that there were one or two that we won that could’ve very easily lost. Youth and inexperience. I know folks hate hearing that in year 8 but it still is true. Absolutely on Mike that the only kids we had coming back were Dan, Dro and Gabe and he absolutely should be held accountable for that. Still, i saw a lot of promise this year. Especially on the road. Hard to believe we play better ball on the road for the most part.

I’m personally not ready for a coaching search, probably will be next year if Mike doesn’t get a couple of men in here and make a run. Don’t ask me what type of run, i don’t know. I know the NCAA Tourney would be a must, the rest would just have to pass the eye test. I see People on message boards saying how Ugly it’ll be for Mike next year if he’s retained. Mike doesn’t read twitter and certainly doesn’t read message boards so i’m not really sure what they mean. The funny thing is it’s the same guys that wanted him fired three and four years ago. I think if we get a couple of pieces and win a couple of games out of the gate that most of those will get behind the team and the rest of them will shut up until we lose.

I’ve seen it written from fans that one more year would set the program back years. I don’t believe that for a minute. The same ones say a College basketball team can be fixed in one year, most point to Ole Miss. Giving Mike one more year after making the NCAA tourney last year and the NIT this year with a very young team will not set the program back years. IMO it’s the right thing to do. If that’s how it goes down, i hope the crazies get off of the Twitter and don’t hurt our recruiting.

I really, really love the guards we currently have. I can see one transferring if everything I’ve heard on Juice in practice rings true. He’s gonna take some minutes. The most obvious to me would be Keyshawn or even Harris. Sills and Joe are better than their rankings IMO.

Hope Mike gets next year and makes a deep run. Pulling hard for it. WPS

Very well said, Chris. Amen. Go Hogs!

I agree that he probably will coach next year. No way we fire him and then have the court named after Nolan. The bad thing about college basketball is that the best talent is not playing year end and year out. The good thing is if you aren’t real good, it doesn’t take but a couple of guys to build a team and let you make the NCAA and win a couple of games. If Mike could get a couple of hosses in here this spring, he could turn this thing around. We must have a good spring signing period. We can’t play next year with Gabe and Adrio Bailey starting or playing a lot. That spells trouble.

Most of us like Mike Anderson, but it is time he took his team to the next level, and that level would be to either win the SEC, the SEC tournament of make a Sweet 16. That is not asking too much after what will be his 9th year.

Can’t argue any of that. Good points and i agree.

We’ll see how it plays out

Very encouraged with how the team fought after Gafford left. Could have mailed it in in Providence, gave IU everything it wanted (remember that Dan scored 27 on them at BWA). Overall an inconsistent, somewhat disappointing year. Free throws could have put us in the Dance without changing anything else (three more wins easily).

Spring recruiting is going to be critical, and that’s true whether we keep Mike or not. Gotta get some bigs. At this point I’m assuming the rumors of mass defections are net guano. We need a spot or two to open up anyway, but some spots would be better unopened.

I have been labeled a hater for this most part on this board. Mike is gonna have to stand and deliver next year, need more talent at 4/5 to get it done. He deserves another year bc of the past 5 but that all goes out the door next year. I am really rooting for him…our fan base is wacko. I watched years ago when people got so bent out of shape with Nutt, folks actively working against the program to get a coach fired. I hope Mike turns it around and gives the :fu:t2:To those type fans next year!

Well said

I agree with the comments, however, failure to either win the SEC, the SEC tournament, or a sweet 16 run are not going to be requirements for Mike to survive after next season.

A team that goes 21-12ish next year will keep the program at a consistent level. If we are here next year with either just missing the NCAA or a first round exit, they still are not going to fire Mike.

There just simply is not the leadership to promote that type of change in my opinion. We will see.

I know people have got mad all year when we said this is the second youngest team in the NCAA. Some don’t think it should matter. I looked at it a little different, we were in a lot of games. We finished 18-16, but what a lot of people don’t realize is how much youth did play a factor. Saw a stat earlier, we were 8-11 in 1 or 2 possession games. If these guys were a year older, or even two, you have to think we easily could have been 14-5 in those games. That changes our record to 24-10. I know some don’t like that, but that’s a pretty good record. To me it showed that even though we were young, we had the talent to be right there at the end in those 11 losses.

I kind of agree with you, I think Mike is safe, and may not need to make a Sweet 16 run to maintain his job. I think making the tourney, as you said, 21-12 type year and he’s safe. Now, something I didn’t think about before yesterday (or I should say I didn’t know) is the factor money is playing in this decision, seems some of the BOT and boosters are interested in upgrading “The Bud.” Apparently, if they hold off a year, a project or two falls off the books as does Mike’s buyout. However, NCAAT, NCAAT, NIT, NCAAT, it would be hard to justify firing him.

Also, the two names I’ve seen most mentioned as possible replacements for Mike, Buzz and Kelvin maybe an issue as well. Buzz seems to be at the top of aTm’s wish list. With the “money issue” I’m pretty sure they won’t get into a bidding war, and I’ve been very vocal about Sampson’s age. His current contract runs through 20-21. He turned down an extension before the season. Seems he wants his son to take his place when he retires (he will be retirement age in the 20-21 season), it’ll be a lot easier making that happen at Houston instead of here. I know this may hurt a lot of people’s feelings (at least those that want Mike gone), but it’s looking more and more like that was never an option.

He needs to go now. Why live on in mediocrity at best. The longer he stays, the deeper the division among fans. Winning solves everything. Eight is enough.

Appreciate your post.

On the topic of fan division. I couldn’t care less. I’ve been listening to the temper tantrums for a few years now. one more won’t hurt.

Just kind of depressing fearing more of the same. Seasons seam really long when things aren’t going well

are VERY different from the ones you know, apparently. I work with an devout UK fan, and 2 of my cousins are huge UK fans (their mom is a huge Louisville fan, fun to watch games with the 3 of them!).

Anyway, all my UK fan friends/family LOVE Mike. they want him to be our coach forever. they feel they can recruit whomever they want from our state, and feel that our program could be a risk to them, but as long as MIke is our coach they feel very safe that we will never do anything as a program.

they were pulling for us to make a run late to guarantee that Mike would stay. my coworker listents to DriveTime sports, and loves all the Mike support, can’t believe that mIke has support after 8 seasons of no NCAA tourney runs.

I guess we just know different UK fans.


I don’t think Mike Anderson has earned a ninth season at the UA, but my opinion doesn’t matter. I suspect we will be back in the NIT next year or an 11 seed in the tourney. We again won’t make the Sweet 16, but we’ll promised that the incoming recruiting class is full of difference makers after we beat out East Carolina and Southern Miss for them.

I am not necessarily saying he has earned a ninth season, i guess i just don’t think he’s earned a pink slip either.

And i respect your opinion.

Here’s the high major offer list from our last class…

Ethan Henderson - Arizona St., Kansas, LSU, Missouri, Notre Dame, Oklahoma, Texas
Reggie Chaney - Texas Tech, Texas A&M, Mississippi, Oklahoma St, TCU, DePaul
Keyshawn Embery - Georgia Tech, Kansas St, Nebraska, Oklahoma St, Purdue, Texas A&M, Virginia Tech, West Virginia
Jordan Phillips - Georgetown, Oklahoma St, TCU
Isiah Joe - Alabama
Desi Sills - Missouri, SMU
Ibby Ali - Georgetown, Baylor

But, by all means keep pushing the fake narrative that our staff only beats out “East Carolina and Southern Miss” for recruits.

You said it all! I am a Mike Anderson supporter!

Blu that’s a pretty good list!

How many of those came in the late signing period?