Season almost here, predictions?

Know it’s early and we don’t know how good the 7 new guys can be, but I know I’m excited. I’m most looking forward to seeing, of course, Macon, and Barford. Beside them looking to see Thomas, and the emergence of CJ. Without rambling, what do you think our record could be? Are we good enough for the tournament this year? Thanks for info!

I’d be very surprised if this isn’t an NCAA team. We’ve got all of the ingredients - size, good guard play, veterans.

We play 31 games. 13 non-conference; 18 conference. I’ll go with 10 - 3 non-conf and 13 - 5 conference. That’s 23 - 8. Should be a good RPI as our non-conference has more solid mid level teams than in the past. Two years ago we were 24 - 7 regular season (before SEC Tourney, where we went 2 - 1) and a #5 seed. So I’ll say a #6 seed this year. I think there is a chance we even do better. I know Mike really likes this team.

I can’t give you a accurate assessment based on highlights today but I will say this.

If the 2nd 5 off the bench can be relied upon to score without the presence of Moses, Barford, Macon, Hannah & Thomas then we may very well exceed our 2013/14 win total.

If it is a somewhat significant dropoff and the starter’s have to carry the majority of the scoring loads for 30+ games then 22-23 wins is a fair expectation.

Next season’s expectations may be through the roof if all the current juniors return… and 2018 may be unrealistic!!!

22-9 to 24-7. I’m worried about a few of the non con games but I think this is a tourney team.

I’m going to say 22-9 overall due to a slow start as the newcomers adjust to D-1 ball. I think we’ll be rolling by the time the SEC tourney rolls around and we will get in the dance. Once in, we win at least one. A Sweet 16 appearance would not surprise me.

20-24 wins. High NIT seed, or low (11-12 seed) NCAAT

Elite 8. Better depth, better defense, better size, better athletes, more scoring options. Very excited about this team. Anderson has something to prove. Almost like the chip on nolan’s shoulder which transferred to the team. Time to be good, have some swagger, and let the opponent know it. Woo pig.