Search firm?

we pretty much know Gus is not happening.

Does this search firm mean that Norvell isn’t happening?

What the heck.

Info or insight would be much appreciated…I’m officially worried.

Yeah I just saw that too…see my post from above. I think that’s where we’re at.

We are screwed.

I don’t even know what good could possibly come from this.
We may need to consider a different conference, if we can’t even hire up and comers, with the facilities and money we have…
We are set to never be able to compete in the SEC again if we botch this hire.

4 bad hires in a row does not look good for the current state of the hogs.

Not sure a lot of people understand what search firms do. They don’t negotiate the deal or offer the job. They vet possible candidates (skeletons in the closet), determine various candidates’ interest level and expectations (are they really interested in the job or angling for a raise where they are?), interview former co-workers and colleagues to determine management styles (what’s he like to work with and for). That information can be used by the potential employer to narrow and refine the candidate list. It can be a very valuable tool, especially in a short timeframe when multiple candidates are in play.

I think Arkansas fans have a bad taste in their mouths because of the Dana Altman fiasco, when a search firm came in to clean up a mess after he walked out. That’s not what appears to be happening this time.

No they don’t negotiate the deal, but they are usually used to FIND CANDIDATES for the job. If we are having to hire a firm to find us candidates for the job, we are well screwed.

I hope you’re right, Loyd. Otherwise, I agree with everyone else. I don’t like the sound of a search firm here on the 28th of November.

I wouldn’t panic just yet. I suspect “Search Firms” do more than search. I assume they also help you vet, and may help prevent a TN repeat or make certain something isn’t in someone’s past. Probably can also protect the Univ.

As for hires … if you judge how good a hire is solely by how their tenure ends, then most coaches are bad hires, because almost all coaches end up fired … eventually.

As for our last 4 hires:
HDN - love him or hate him, you can’t argue he resurrected the program. He couldn’t take us over the top, but he took us a long way from where we were.
BP - A home run coo at the time. We were rolling, until he rolled into a ditch.
JLS - ok … disaster
BB - Good coach that did some good things for the program. He corrected the disaster that was Smith, and restored integrity to the program and reputation after Petrino. Sure, he didn’t get us as far as we wanted to go, but he moved us along after the post-Petrino free-fall.

No one thought little Arkansas could get BP or BB. We did. Have a little faith, the world hasn’t ended yet…

I assumed a search firm would be used. The real question would be which search firm? I don’t know for sure if one has been hired.

I would use a search firm if I was hiring a football coach. When coaches are still coaching, there is almost no way they are going to allow their agent to talk to anyone but a search firm. The search firm has the confidence of agents. That’s the key area.

And, the search firm helps you make sure you have all of the information that an agent would NOT give you on a candidate and that speeds up the process.

Ok, that makes me feel better.

Guess we will see this thing play out.

That’s interesting. Seems like I’ve read, here, that when asked if Jeff Long would use a search firm, the response was that’s why you have an AD.

How many times have we used one? Seems like not very often. If not, why not?

I’m not being sarcastic–just asking.

I just don’t see why they fired Long. Firing Long (with a history, IMO of making decent hires) for what amounts to Bielema failing as a HC and then hiring a search firm for the HC and picking a search committee for the AD suggests to me that this process was not as locked up as many thought.

It may not be true, but on the outside looking in it seems the PTB decided to fire them all, make a run at Gus, and if that didn’t work, be satisfied that whomever they hired was better than the guys they fired.

I get the part about coaches not wanting to have direct contact. That’s why I would be shocked if Gundy is really meeting face to face with the Tennessee AD (as is being reported).

I think part of the concern is we really don’t have a track record on the interim AD and these aren’t ideal circumstances at all.

I understand what they do and agree a lot of the worry may be from being burned the time or 2 we used one.

You’re probably right, Notorious. We’ve been burned when we had to turn to search firm before. I know John White used one at least once. I hate to admit it, but I’m automatically suspicious of anything we do if John White also did it.

dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s. i will go along with what clay posted, seems logical to me. also you have an inexperienced interim ad running the search and who the heck knows what or who this chancellor knows.

as far as long goes, was never a long fan for personal reasons however that being said i can’t see any mismanagement, etc. the board however thought differently, an 8-1 vote or something along those lines says he rubbed more than one or two wrong.

it is what it is, he aint coming back. time to move on, on both athletic director and coach. let them do their jobs, NO ONE is going to make everyone happy on either search.

Everybody screaming “good ole boys network” should be delirious…

And…gives cover from GOBN claims and I suspect the TN/Schiano fiasco made them want to make doubly sure they know everything before any offer.