Sean Miller out at Arizona

Because of the NCAA mess.

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It’s about time! What type of show cause cause did the dirt bag get?

He hasn’t gotten it. UAz just decided to cut ties, probably because the NCAA might look more kindly upon them if they’ve shoved the crook out the door. As opposed to doubling down on the crook like SAO is doing

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Conveniently waited till only a year left on his contract.

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Miller’s buyout had dropped to $1.5 million.

Per Jeff Borzello, the name that has been buzzing around that job the last few days is Tommy Lloyd, a Gonzaga assistant. He expects Damon Stoudamire and Josh Pastner to be on the short list as well, and said, “Also wouldn’t be surprised to see Eric Musselman get a call to gauge interest.”

I would be very surprised if Muss has any interest.

AZ self imposed a post season ban this year, which made sense because they were going to be down anyway (they went 17-9 and would have been bubbly at best). They’re hoping that firing Miller will get the NCAA to accept that self-penalty. Highly doubtful. Lost scholarships, maybe another year or two of postseason ban. They face five Level I allegations – exactly the same number Kansas does.

But why would Muss leave to jump into that mess? Arizona is not a better job than Arkansas. Same number of NC’s – one. Probably a little more talent in AZ than in AR but they also have two major in-state schools. The Cats had THREE in-state kids on their roster last season.

I agree that it’s unlikely to appeal to him.

That aside…Let’s get this dang new deal done!

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AZ is closer to the west coast, but not close enough.

Well they some how decided to send him packing after turning their head the other way for 4 years! I hope the NCAA throws Arizona under the bus and I hope Miller and all those dirt bags like him get 10 year show causes for their fine upstanding accomplishments!

They were beginning to lose recruits. That is the reason they parted ways now.


Muss and Az

Arizona’s athletic budget is $35 million less than ours. They can’t afford Muss.

Overall athletic budget or just basketball budget? I am sure Arizona spends a lot less on football than Arkansas does.

Ha. It says source is “Arizona Wildcat coaching hot board”.

Overall athletic budget. They spent $10 million on men’s hoops in fiscal 2019. So did we.

Their average men’s head coach’s salary including Miller was $700,000 in fiscal 2019, as reported to the feds. Arkansas’ average MHC salary (this was Chad and Mike) was $1.34 million.

Miller was making $2.8M. Muss was at $2.5M but he’s about to go way, way up on that. And once again, why would he jump into a team that’s about to go on probation?

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