Sean McNeil offer?

Was he offers today by the Hogs?

Those are some videogame like stats.

Wow, I was just reading about him on jucorecruiting’s site the other day and was like, I would love if we went after him. He would be a huge pick-up, he can really shoot the ball. Him and Joe together in a back court may go down as the best shooting back court in Razorback history.

Bad ass white boy with Al Dillard range

kind of kid we need. do we have a real shot at him?

I’m hearing Missouri has a legit chance to get him. (Not saying we don’t, but we may have came in late on him)

Scrolling through his twitter, it looks like all his other major offers, (Ole Miss, Missouri, West Virginia, Oklahoma St, Texas Tech) have come in the last two weeks. Dayton offered him back in December, which is where his JUCO is located.

Yeah, when I was looking him up last night it Indicated he was a Dayton lean until the interest picked up.

MISS ST can come in late with $$$ man and land him!
Anything is possible. It would be great to see him on the floor with Joe. That would open up the middle. The hogs just need more scoring threats.

There are a few guys they’re on I think would be good with Joe, may not be as good shooters as this guy, but definitely ballers.

My opinion we need a JUCO PG, a wing 6’6, 6’7 JUCO preferably, 2 bigs (1 JUCO, or stud Frosh, and a good Frosh). On the JUCO’s I think we need to look at guys who have 2 to play, and guys who have 3 to play. Try to even the classes out a little more. A grad transfer wouldn’t bother me either.

Yeah those are great stats, but you do realize those stats in the OP are for just 3 games. Anyone seen what his stats are for the whole season? … mcneil79d3

If that doesn’t open for you

29.6 PPG, 49.1% FG, 42% 3pt, 88.2% FT, 6.1 RPG, 2.5 APG

Thanks. That’s still some eye-popping season stats. I just noticed “Div II” JUCO. I’m not very informed when it comes to JUCO. How much talent drop off is there between Div I JUCO teams vs Div II? He’s got a decent offer list and it seems to be growing.

To be honest, I do not know either. I asked someone the same thing last night, they pointed out Durham had been a D2 JUCO and Barford a D1, both did ok here

If I’m not mistaken, Coty Clarke was D2 too.

Could of been, don’t remember. I don’t think there is a big a gap as between JUCO 1&2 and D1&2.

Your about right with the needs of the team. I hope CMA is able to get at least 2 JUCO players 1 being a point and the other a big man that can bang down low.
I hope the recruiting doesn’t stop there. I would like to see enough change in roster where he can sign a total of 5.

Depends on where you look, seen rumors of at least 10 different people leaving. Now, I don’t think we will lose 10 guys, but I think 5-6 will be just about correct.

Phillips - gone
Gafford - NBA
Garland - Medical
Ibby - Practice Body
Henderson - not enough time

And we always have at least one surprise. So, 2 guards, 2 wings, 2 bigs - 2 JR, 2 SO, 2 FR

I’m now a little concerned about Mason Jones transferring. I wanted to see Desi get more minutes, but I never dreamed Mike would take the minutes from Jones. I had been asking for Desi to get some of Harris’ minutes, but Mike has left Harris with 30+ and has taken them from Jones?? I don’t understand it at all. Jones is 2nd in nearly every offensive statistic and is now also 2nd in 2 point FGs. His 3 point average has suffered lately, but it’s still 200 points better than Harris’ ave. Mike must see it as a defensive shortcoming on Jones. He’s not very quick.