Seaching for a new coach

All the talk about CBB or the hiring of a new coach got me to thinking which is dangerous. RD had a post on the recruiting board about the parents of recruits wanting someone who will take care of their sons. Sometimes, that may mean a players coach. I think back on coaches like Woody Hayes, Bobby Knight, The Bear, Lou Holtz, Wilson Mathews, BP now at Louisville. Is it more important today that it was in the past that parents want to know that their sons and daughters are going to be looked after. Is a coach that parents feel will look after their sons or daughters the same as a players coach? I heard on a sports talk show the other day that the players like CBB and one of the host commented that liking the coach may not be good. If I remember right, he said he didn’t want players to like the coach. Thinking about this , we may be confusing like with respect. Way back in the day, I respected my high school football coach, but like him, well to be honest I was scared to death of him. If he told me to bark like a chicken and run through a brick wall necked, I would be taking my clothes off and figuring out how a chicken would bark. He was one the top high school coaches ever in Arkansas with conference championships, undefeated teams, and had many players that played college ball. Some at the U of A. His former players have honored him in the past years with dinners in his honor. What do the terms players coach, respected coach, a coach parents can trust their kids to, a coach the players like really mean? How do they relate to winning? How do the most successful coaches of today fit these or don’t fit these terms? I don’t know for sure and maybe their is more than one way to skin a cat.

The proof is on the field. How do the players play and how hard. Watch Bama…Saban may be hard and tough but his players will play their guts out for him. That’s how you define a player’s coach IMO.

You know, gonavy, I don’t know what Sabans players think of him or how hard they play for him. They probably do and should. I believe the Hogs play hard for CBB as well. It may not show up on the field because we don’t have the same level of talent, so please don’t belittle our players by saying just because we don’t win, they aren’t playing hard or playing their guts out for the coach. Just because you don’t like CBB as a coach, doesn’t mean the players feel the same. I really don’t know how they feel, but the results in the field doesn’t necessarily mean they aren’t playing their guts out.
I also suspect that one reason it may appear the Bama players are playing so hard for their coach, they know that if they don’t, the guy behind him is usually just as talented and ready to step up if he falters.
That kind of depth and talent produces that kind of result.

stopped short of saying ‘belittle’ - this season there has been way too many instances of hog defenders not taking on the opposing running back! go back and look at the tapes. There’s a difference between skill and heart.

I can’t disagree with that. While there were a few of the players who didn’t seem to play with as much effort or intensity at times, whether it’s because they didn’t play hard for coach, or if they just weren’t up to the task, I still don’t believe the team wasn’t playing hard to win for themselves and CBB.

Back in the day when Nolan was here, he was hard on the players, but they would knock down a brick wall for him…