SDS: Why OU and Texas should join the SEC now

Until OU and Texas get gone they will continue to get shafted.

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It warms the heart, doesn’t it. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Let’s hope they get the new kid on the block treatment after they get here too.

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In addition to predicting Arkansas vs. Iowa in Citrus Bowl, “with outside chance at NY6”, this article has Tenn vs. Clemson in Gator. Just the thought of all that putrid orange in one place makes me shudder a bit.

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I read this SDS article earlier today. I just don’t think there’s any way OU and Texas would be able to compete next season in the SEC, at least in football. That’s less than 12 months away.

The SEC already announced football schedules for next year, making a big deal of it with a TV special to announce them a few weeks ago. Each current SEC school would have to drop a non-conference opponent (and probably make a payout), and schedules would have to be re-done. Maybe it could be done, but I just don’t see it happening that soon.

If I remember correctly, when we joined the SEC, we joined for every sport BUT football in 1991-92. Football didn’t compete until the fall of 1992, which was a different school year.

Maybe something like that could happen, but I think the fall of 2023 is much more likely for a start for them in all sports. I don’t see it dragging out until 2025. That’s not really good for anyone.

Agreed, but that’s what the O8 has in mind – extracting as much as they can out of Mom and Dad before the divorce.

They could probably join in everything but football in 2022 and in football in 2023.

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