SDS story on Mizzou recruiting

Discussion a couple weeks ago on why Mizzou was having a big year in recruiting. This goes into more detail but Drink has done a good job so far connecting with recruits. Jimmies and Joes account for most of the success on the field as Burks and Jefferson have shown for the Hawgs.

What in the world am I missing. Why can we not recruit like that?

Crazy IMO!

I wouldn’t trade their class for ours. I think we will be just fine on the field with them in the near future

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Arkansas is very active in this area.


Unless we’re going to give the business people the money for NIL deals (which would be highly illegal), your proposal does nothing to help anything.

So DD and Richard and then the HI board are we an under rated class?

A lot of our Arkansas kids are just not followed like a Texas kid. Has it been proven we actually are much better (Or somewhat ) better than if a UT, FLA kids.

Ask me in 2-3 years.

The O-line class is very nice. I think it’s a very balanced class.


I like the receiver group as well. Would like to see more DT but maybe that’s coming in the portal

One thing that we often miss in these stories is that Mizzou has benefited from $ that each SEC school receives to make upgrades to their football facilities and that has helped in recruiting for sure but they have a way to go to be in the middle of the SEC pack. That North end zone with the rocks is so like Razorback stadium back in the early 1970’s. No doubt Arkansas has better facilities but Mizzou has two large urban areas to draw from being in middle of them. Arkansas state talent has rebounded in past five years but is spread through out state.

I agree with Youdaman in that our recruits will do fine–key is keeping and developing them. Looking forward to seeing 10 offensive and especially defensive linemen in each class. Looks like we are two to three years away still. O line quality improved this year from prior one. Portal remains our friend.

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Butch Jones was a great recruiter at Tennessee. How did that work for him? Recruit, develop , and coach is what successful schools do.

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