SDS Story on GA recruiting

My rankings past three years.
1 Ga\ Bama
3. Tenn\SC
4 Balance SEC

Smart could end up GOAT. Only time will tell.

This is a great read.

I’m flabbergasted by this:

Since Bennett returned to Georgia from junior college in 2018, Georgia signed 2 high school 5-star quarterbacks (Fields, Brock Vandagriff) and 1 transfer 5-star (Daniels). It also signed 3 high school 4-star quarterbacks (Carson Beck, Gunner Stockton, Mathis), and a transfer (Newman).

None could keep Bennett off the field.

Where would Georgia be without that walk-on with the huge chip on his shoulder? Not back to back natty, for sure. You need loads of Jimmys and Joes, to be sure, but you also need luck. And they got lucky with Stetson Bennett IV. What if he had come out at RRS in 2020 and stunk up the field, never to be seen again?

Better to be lucky than good but being good is Hugh advantage. I remember his game in Fayetteville and post game press conference was full of comments about how his teammates liked him and responded to him as the quarterback. Given talents and his position said volumes but I did not realize until watching him last year how much his teammates liked his journey and they made plays for him. Now Kirby has to find Stetson 2.

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