SDS star Lamont Butler turned down $1m NIL

It is a mad house out there in college athletics right now, thanks to NIL.

If he turns down a mil, how much will Holland get? Crazy times we live in. Muss is like a broker, buying and disposing. Our earnings have been pretty good :slot_machine:

“Lamont Butler Sr. said the family received more than 10 calls from representatives of other schools offering lucrative NIL payments if his son would transfer.”

Interesting… seems he made himself available for the NBA Draft but never entered the transfer portal. My question would be… Isn’t it illegal to contact a player before he enters the portal or requests his release? Or does making oneself available for the draft also open that door.

Now I realize its possible no one contacted him directly as SR Butler said “the family received calls”. I also am not naive enough to think illegal contact is not made all the time. I just don’t expect it to be talked about so openly in a news article quote by those involved. Very reckless… not that the NCAA has the stones or the guts to do anything about it if it was illegal.

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You are asking very good questions. I think recruiting is out of control. Prior to NIL, some schools were cheating and making illegal contacts. Now it seems widespread and universal.

For example, I am not sure that Holland was not contacted before he requested the release to prompt him into asking for a release.

I know NCAA cannot control NIL money, but when a school can make contact is within their domain of authority to control.

One thing the NCAA can do and I say, do it. That is reinstating the former rule that a student who transfers loses a year’s eligibility. The portal is terrible IMO but restoring the year rule might help things. It is now a circus.

The NCAA has no desire to punish wrongdoing. Obviously

The wild Wild West. And the gutless NCAA!