Sds review of ark recruiting

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I love it - the lifeblood of building a program is to keep the in-state guys

Great article….the defensive end that committed through the transfer portal also will help.

I’ll tell Rashod Dubinion he’s not a running back.

I’m talking the kid from LSU. I guess he was from the Texas side of Texarkana. My bad.

It’ll be interesting to see where we end up.

Currently Mizzu, A&M, AL have higher rankings than us that are in the west. A&M, AL and GA may sign over 15 5 star recruits between the them !!!

South Carolina, Kentucky, and Georgia has a higher rating than us in the East.

LSU only has 11 commits and Auburn only has 13 commits. Will we finish higher than either one?

Reality is we are recruiting about as high of a level has we can historically which why we finish near the bottom or in the middle of the pack.


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Article didn’t tell me much except the author didn’t research very well.

DL recruiting was a weak spot last year, leading to three portal transfers. Two commits this year (three with Jackson) and needing at least 2 more. Not getting Dubinion as a RB. Not recognizing the “we have an immediate need position” as (probably) LB is a whiff also.

Yes we are ranked lower in recruiting but our coaching staff is doing more with less, if they continue this trend recruiting will catch up in time. Then it will be doing more with more! I have all the confidence that our trajectory will continue upward as along as our coaching staff stays in tact. WPS

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Not making trying to dispel the validity of rankings, but seems to me as a fan I am equally interested in the position makeup of my class as much as just the raw ranking. From a ranking standpoint, I would suspect in the ranking process a team that recruits two equally rated quarterbacks get the same hit as the team with two players rated equally to those two quarterbacks the other team recruited, one a quarterback the other a receiver. In this example I prefer the later over the former, but with the services, my guess is these two examples are viewed the same.

This being said, I look at the mix of positions in addition to the individual ratings to draw my conclusions regarding the class. Filling needs and building depth and addressing both present and future needs are a big part of the process, in my opinion.

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Excellent point. 10-5 star linemen and 1-2 start qb may not fare too well

Despite this glass is half empty review of what is only part of what players will be entering our program before fall practice begins, I will choose to trust our coaches that they can both evaluate the proper talents needed to excel in their systems and to coach them up to higher levels.
History is just that. Yes you can learn from it, but with all the changing parts in a sports program it is not a guide to judge everything by.
You claim this is reality. It is not.

I think this is our general belief as Hog fans. We have to believe that we will get better or we will lose interest. We identify with our group in part because we believe we see evidence that our team is getting better.

I thought there was 1 RB in this class.

Jointer and Dubinion.

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