SDS Recap of SEC Football after week 13

Title is just the first topic but lot’s interesting comments in whole articiple.
I will be watching to see if SP can get another year from Ridgeway.

I think they’re right that we need help with the pass rush. Maybe somebody already on the roster develops, but if we can get somebody out of the portal that would be great.


Almost everyone needs help with the pass rush. There are not a lot of great defensive ends anywhere. If you get one, it’s a three-year deal. They go in the first round of the NFL draft. I can recall Petrino letting Steve Caldwell take six one year in recruiting. He said, “If you find a (great) defensive end, take him.”

The help, if we have this scheme next year, will likely be in large part from faster LBs and Safeties who can get to the QBs a shade quicker. I think the next generation of LBs are probably going to be faster and quicker, and they’ve got some young safeties who may end up being good blitzers, too.

Developing/recruiting DL of course needs to continue, but our smart, experienced LBs just don’t get home quite quick enough. Foucha has been a good run blitzer, just like the LBs, but has not had much luck getting to the QB. We do miss Catalon for that role.

Recruiting DL this year is a major disappointment. We only have two committed and neither one are even close to ready to play… We have played a lot of people up front this year so we will start three guys next year who have had experience but I would hope we would search long and hard on the portal to get some impact players in here.
I will never be a fan of the 3 man front but it is what it is, we better hope we start bringing in some Superstar studs if we’re to continue running that.

Georgia is the only team I’ve seen that might get away with rushing 3 because they have three NFL DL but they choose to put 4 up there and then blitz one or two more in passing situations and that’s why you have no time to throw the ball which covers up their very inexperienced secondary.

I share your concern. I also agree with NLRBuzzard in that speed at lb and particularly secondary is needed and yet I wonder how the coaches are thinking about the speed we currently have on the team. We are losing alot of maturity and playing experience this year.

Yes we definitely have to recruit more speed in the secondary we are bringing in a couple of really really good linebackers next year that I think are impact type players but I agree we have to get much more speed in the secondary

Just maybe our HI group could volunteer and do the recruiting for the group that does that for a living…

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Well I don’t think anybody said they could do it any better or it was easy but you would have had to not watch any ball games this year if you hadn’t seen our secondary get burned about 7 or 8 times just since the ole Miss game and were very lucky there weren’t quite a few more early in the year. Stevie Wonder could see there’s a problem when that happens and when one person’s out running the other that means you’re not as fast as they are.but as usual there’s always somebody on here trying to put words in other people’s mouth so I’m not surprised.

SP has said we need to recruit more SEC style defensive linemen and team speed , esp. in secondary and at receiver. We have two defensive linemen in this class and speed is only verified by seeing it against your team and who you play–unless they have history of running high school track and track record there when you recruited them. Speed is also not just straight line speed but how you quickly you can adjust. Everyone is looking for the same things in who they recruit. Coaches had a three deep secondary against Bama and still could not adjust to theat speed–going into the game they thought they would be able to do it. Those five stars kicked it up another notch and our guys could not match that extra burst. Better pass rush would help secondary thus the comment of if SP would be able to keep Ridgeway for another year.

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