SDS on college football recruiting

Shout out to KJ Jefferson for losing weight and Arkansas moving up (expectations for new season) along with some other teams at bottom of articiple.

Saban said what others wanted to.

Bama will not fall from being one of the elites. They’ll still be in the running for the national title every year like in the past.


It’s not like Jimbo was as pure as the driven snow in Tallahassee either.

Bama will still be AN elite but not THE elite. And Satan, uh Saban, is used to being THE elite.

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He wasn’t that’s for sure.

He’s use to not being the elite every year. He’s been at Bama for 15 years and has six titles.

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Still like Saban more than I do Jimbo. If the wind blows just right, you can smell the stench from College Station. Even with all that talent, they’ll still find a way to be irrelevant. Aggies gonna Aggie.

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How many #1 recruiting classes has Saban had? I think it’s more than 6.

Richard got it right - Saban said what others wanted to. But I was surprised he actually backed off and apologized for calling out Jimbo personally. Wonder if he really tried calling Jimbo after.

Another side of the argument—I think this is basically right. Rich get richer theme. Texas is another of the schools moving into this in big way and like TAM , the question is whether the coach can bake the cake will all the best ingredients. The guy at Bama has proven he can do it and I think will until he no longer gets the best players.

Not a huge difference in top 3 or 5.

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