SDS Hawgs and Tigers in Bayou

Another typical SEC game in best football conference in America. Shout out to Larry the bowling ball and LSU QB burning his redshirt to play against Hawgs.

The question in my mind is if LSU’s run defense is suddenly better or if the real reason was that Alabama’s offensive line is injury riddled. I guess we’ll find out Saturday night. Moo U had done well on stopping the run too and we were able to run on them.

Orgeron sees no reason to redshirt a player for the next coach’s convenience. (I doubt a redshirt matters to this kid, anyway. He’s likely to head to the NFL after his junior year if he’s as good as he’s made out to be.) There are pros & cons, either way. He’s probably better than the starter, but as a freshman, he’s also likely to make more mistakes.

The next coach will surely have some talent to start with regardless of how this year has gone.

I think the QB is willing to burn his redshirt as portal will be an option (one LSU QB has already entered) and I think he would like to get some more examples of his play on tape. It says he should have played last week but that is why the coaches staff is going to be replaced. I will say that the LSU freshmen receivers have been coming. on so maybe that also figures into using two quarterbacks this week.

LSU has and will have talent. That has not been their problem. Add up their “star count” and compare to ours.

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