SDS: Gundy was interested in Florida job

I suspect this kind of thing goes on all the time. Gundy’s agent let Scott Stricklin know he was interested in being the Wallets’ head ball coach. Letter also said he had turned down the Arkansas job in the past.

I’ll bet Gundy wishes that had not been made public. \

No kidding.

Seems he wants to leave every year.

I guess they win enough for the fans not to turn on him.

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This one could be a bit different, however, given the future weakness of the Big 12, and his desire to perhaps coach in a more solid league going forward. Who knows?

Hard to keep that private, and unrealistic.

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Yep, emails, texts and letters never go away.

Looks like an obvious fake letter to me. No qualified agent drafts it up like that. SDS is starving, I guess.

Yeah Gundy is not listed as a client if this guy either. Not saying he wasn’t one, however, most agents can find an ad’s phone number to keep stuff shielded from foia

At one point Jimmy Sexton was Gundy’s agent. I don’t know if that is still the case.

Looks like an email printout to me. Which is plausible.

Bonik’s client list is mostly NFL coaches from what I can tell. But he is a legitimate coach’s agent.

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