SDS Assessment of Hawgs in NCCA tournament

Call me crazy, but I think we can beat the Zags…


If we did, it would not be the biggest upset in the tournament by any means. A 4 seed beating a 1 seed happens from time to time.


I will be astonished if we beat Vermont by that margin

The minute we start worrying about the Zags, that is when we lose to Vermont. Lets get past game 1 before worrying about game 2 much less 3.

Who is the NCCA? Do they have a tournament? :stuck_out_tongue:

Sweet 16 is doable, anything beyond that is gravy. But remember Baylor laid the D on the Zags in the NCG and they didn’t know what had hit them. The big skinny kid is a matchup nightmare for everyone, but if he can be somewhat neutralized, we could do damage.

As fans, we can worry about whomever and it doesn’t matter. It’s part of being a fan.

This is what concerns me the most. I’m seeing a lot of fans just saying ehhhh Vermont, should be easy. I think Vermont is more dangerous than UCONN. I also see a lot of UCONN fans looking at us next. I wouldn’t be surprised if they lose. Hopefully, Muss has us focused on Vermont

Yeah that ain’t happening doc we hadn’t beat anybody by that many points all year except Missouri.

It’s all just fans speak here. It’s what the coaching staff does to get the kids focused…

Jay Bilas picks Vermont to beat us. Along with the little respect we’re getting from other national talking heads, Muss should have plenty of bulletin board material. Nothing would make me happier than these hogs going into that game feeling like they’re getting dissed.

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Bilas is Dukie all the way, he remembers.

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That’s not crazy at all. We can beat anyone in the country. I’m not scared of anyone in the tournament. Bama beat Gonzaga this year.

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A lot of people were picking Colgate this time last year, and for about 30 minutes it looked like they were right.

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Looking at the stat line it’s Not to hard to figure out who makes the wheels spin for Arkansas. Glue maybe

Player gp-gs min avg fg-fga fg% 3fg-fga 3fg% ft-fta ft% off def tot avg pf dq a to blk stl pts avg

01 JD Notae 32-31 1065 33.3 209-512 . 4 0 8 68-222 . 3 0 6 104-135 . 7 7 0 17 126 143 4.5 78 3 117 89 21 69 590 18.4
00 Stanley Umude 33-21 894 27.1 146-318 . 4 5 9 46-124 . 3 7 1 52-76 . 6 8 4 41 110 151 4.6 71 2 32 53 26 35 390 11.8
05 Au’Diese Toney 32-29 1019 31.8 114-216 . 5 2 8 8-26 . 3 0 8 115-143 . 8 0 4 75 96 171 5.3 62 0 27 42 14 20 351 11.0oney shooting 37 % from the 3 Ball…

Stanley shooting 37% from the 3 ball
JD and Toney 30% I rest my case…

BTW do you like stats like this??

The key will be getting the hit hand the ball in spots to score. JD needs to take good shots! Bad shots in any game can get you beat. The hogs defense was AWOL in the Texas A&M game that can’t happen again the remainder of the season or ahem it does we can start talking about baseball and spring football. Also looking forward to nest basketball season.

If we can’t beat VT., go home and cry… we don’t belong in the NCAA any longer. We beat them by double digits… but don’t listen to me, I think Gonzaga got a bad draw.

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