SDS Article

This has a lot of what I was saying, plus optimism and a some concerns. … s-in-2018/

Does your Mommy know you are neglecting your chores?

Can’t argue with anything he wrote

Except we didn’t add 7000 seats and capacity is now 76,000. Oh, and the rest is a lot of what if’s, so yeah, it all can be argued. It’s fair, they do one of these on every team, just lots of hypotheticals.

Tye used be an intern at the two radio shows I am on.

Good kid, has a bright future.

That being said there are not over 80,000 seats. Some new ones, some old ones gone - still at 76,000 and change.

Arkansas is picked last for a reason. It’s where I have them and going 5-7 or 6-6.

Again – other than the way you post the same thought over and over again about Coach Morris - your ideas and opinions about the present have some merit, all of us know that and Tye mentions them in this article.

It’s the presentation of opinions as facts, the beating of the dead horse over and over and over that draws the ire of so many here.

For me personally it’s that he always acts like a whiny prick. :smiley: