SDS 9-3 Hogs

ESPN picked the Hogs to finish third in the West at 5-3, and 8-4 overall. If we beat BYU it’s going to screw up a lot of predictions. I’m not sure what other conference game they think we’ll lose besides Bama and TAM. LSU is picked to finish fourth at 4-4. They think we’ll lose to the Corndogs at home? Lose at Moo U? The Poultry? At Aubie?

I agree with your sentiment but we always seem to lose one we shouldn’t as in Auburn last year. If the ball rolls our way as far as luck, look out.


We seem to always have help when we “lose” to Auburn. Sick to death of it. Time for them to pay.

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That may have already happened.

Hope so.

have seen multiple picks for the Pirate and his leghumping crew taking us down… almost always each one is winnable and each one is losable. How many folks on this board assume Jimbo is dumb as dirt and will ruin the talent the aggies have bought and paid are going to start a long losing streak to us. Honestly, as good as we are (especially compared to recent past) that we are going to just roll these guys on our schedule. We could easily win 10 but why limit us? or we could lose 8 and be analyzed to death as to why that should have been expected. As Clay has noted, SDS lacks integrity and is prone to cut and paste from multiple sources to be original.

I take pre season picks with a grain of salt. Just win and none of that matters.

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