SDS. 5 Reasons Arkansas beats Auburn

I like their thinking. Hope they’re right

I like SP’s attitude and presence this week. He seems confident and a little more relaxed this week. I think he is looking forward to playing at home and will have team ready to go. KJ should build on his game last week.

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Sounds good to me but I think the big difference might be their pass defense is not very good… I’m not really sold on our pass defense because when we play Texas A&m their Young quarterback was not very good at all and Georgia all they had to do is hand the ball off and watch them run it. Corral is an incredible quarterback and we were awful last week so hopefully we can put some pressure on Nix and make him throw the ball to us a few times lol…
KJ will have to have a good game bc Auburn’s defense is a whole lot better than Ole Miss so we’re not going to be able to run it down their throat like we did them but I do believe there will be some opportunities for some Big pass plays if we will just connect on them. Go hogs we definitely need to get this win

The hogs will need better OLine play this week! Establish the run and keep Auburn guessing when your going to pass. 3 down will be key. Staying ahead of the chains.
Our defense just needs to be able to get off the field.
KJ has the ability to light up the scoreboard. I’m hoping he does it again this week.
Which Bo Nix shows up is another question! The benching in favor of Finley fired him him up!

Better OL play than what? We just gained 676 yards! Bobby Petrino’s offense never got close to 676. Or Holtz or Frank or Hatfield…

The four best total offense days in school history were under: 4. Sam. 3. Bielema. 2. Nutt. 1. Fred Thomsen.

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Our defense has to make the bad Nix (poor decision making) show up and give crowd some extra juice. I think our offense will do it’s share. :crossed_fingers: on special teams and penalties.

Nix is drowning in self-doubt trying to protect his position and family legacy… he is pressing to do everything himself and we need to mix in the blitz early to crowd him and keep him guessing. Nix can burn you with his legs, but he is prone to some crazy throwing fits that lead to turnovers. Pressure him and we win… the crowd should have a big impact on Nix and their offense.

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I was referring to the inability to block in the Georgia game as well as the blocking on the 2 point play to end the Ole Miss game. I do understand the 600 plus yards of offense in the Ole Miss game. The ability to get off the field and get stops by the defense was the major problem in the Ole Miss game.

Ain’t anybody else blocking Georgia’s DL either. Including Clemson. And Auburn.

And you’re cherry picking one out of 94 plays in the Ole Miss game.

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Nobody has blocked UGA all year, so don’t throw that on our OL. UGA’s defense is ELITE this year.

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