Scroggins is racking up some K’s tonight.
He is doing a good job. What’s his pitch count? Do you guys think he can complete 5 innings?

68, hes looked really good the last 2 innings

Yes he does! The only issue he has hit 2 batters. 8 k’s is impressive so far

I think the fourth will probably be Cody’s final inning.

He didn’t complete the 4 th but a good outing. It would have been nice if that last pitch upon appeal would have given him the K to close out the 5 th. Well come on Wicklander.

My Gosh complete meltdown by scroggins and Wicklnader have let them right back in the stinking game!!!wasnt expecting that out of Wicklander he looked awful.

Freshmen getting on the mound at home.
I’m glad he has that out of his system.
Ramage closed the door.

They are getting the low strike and outside corner that we aren’t getting.

A little home cookin! That’s to be expected. Keep the ball in the zone and change speeds and eye level. Make them swing the bat.