Scroggins with Huge Athletic Play

To end the top half of the 2nd. Now, let’s go Hog bats!

Sounded like it.
Would like to have seen it!

Really sweet play! He grabbed the ball and in the same motion was cutting loose a perfect throw to 1B.

Thanks, Army!

Scroggins used to be an infielder. You could tell it on that play.

That’s for sure and he used every bit of flexibility he had to get the ball and make a good throw. That play don’t happen every day with a good result!

Then in the top of the ninth a very similar ball was thrown away by Kostyshock and put the tying and go-ahead runs in scoring position. Fortunately he got the K and got out of it.

Back when Scroggins was playing 3B, he made an outstanding grab over the wall for an out. He clearly has not lost his infield athleticism.

I remember that Marty that was a great play! He has had a rough way to go hurting his arm. All of the players that go throug that are tough as nails to make it back to play.

Swine are you finally settled in at your new job and Home?

Ywah, Army, job is going well, the new crib is good, and one lovely local lady actually thinks I’m marriage material. Scary, I know.