Scroggins Status

Scroggins was dominating with the season on the line and I am wondering if he might get the second start of the CWS? Additionally, I am wondering if there is any chance that he might return for his senior season to be the Friday night starter like Campbell did this last season. I believe that Scroggins went in the 9th round and I believe that slot money is around 150,000. If he excels next season like Campbell did I could see him going in the first or second round which would net him a huge signing increase. Does anyone know if he has this option and if so is he considering it?

He is a junior with a history of arm trouble. I don’t think he returns.

I think it’ll be something he has to consider.

Yeah he’s had trouble, but he’s healthy now and better than ever.

Could easily earn himself up to half a million or more pay raise if he stays and plays like he has this year, next year.

If we have a tough game 2 match up I bet they still start Noland/Wicklander but keep that leash short as usual, because he’s done so well coming out of the pen.

Unfortunately, with the way the MLB teams pay draft picks, he could go in the 4th round or so next year and still get a smaller signing bonus than this year. MLB GMs know that seniors have absolutely zero leverage. Hopefully that changes over the next couple of years with the threat of going overseas. But you’ve got to be a fool to not sign after your junior year, or just want to do something other than play Major League Baseball.

There is a risk of hurting his arm and not being drafted next year! Scroggins need to make the right decision for himself!
He would potentially be the ace next season but that would be a huge risk.

I do like the thought of him starting the second CWS game…

Scroggins will be gone after this year. You have to understand how the MLB works: seniors with no eligibility remaining get it stuck to them in signing bonuses. Scroggins will probably get more than $125,000 this year. He might not get more than $10,000 by coming back another year.

As far as him starting in Omaha, I don’t think that will happen the first three games. The reason he is in the bullpen is for instances like yesterday if a starter struggles and he can come on in long relief.