Scrimmage - what to listen for

Clay wrote what to watch for in the scrimmage. Obviously I won’t be able to watch. But I will wait and listen and hope to hear certain things happened. Here’s what I’ll be hoping to hear:

  1. No injuries!
  2. No injuries!
  3. No injuries!

ok ok…I made my point. I’m especially holding my breath on Dre. They won’t let anyone come anywhere near Austin. We can’t afford any major injuries…but I am gonna be on pins and needes until I hear Dre played, and played without any problems.

On to other things:

  1. Rushing game improves. If we go 1 versus 1’s and we don’t run it well…ok…I’ll accept that. But I want to hear that the 1st unit does run it well versus the 2nd unit. I need to hear Devwah see’s it and hits it.
  2. I want to hear that the safeties play well! Especially Coley.
  3. I want to hear that our NG’s play well. Especially Bijon.
  4. KICKER. I want read about how at least one kicker had a great day.

Those are the main ones…here’s to an injury free scrimmage.

Good post.

Will we able to listen to the scrimmage or will there be updates?

Right on Hogmastro. Those are key for me. Still, these things are hard. No missed tackles - right, but the guy making them miss is a Razorback - good. Good passing game with protection, but the defense against that is Razorbacks?


The run game has especially shined the past couple of weeks with Chase Hayden in the game. That is probably good and bad; good because he is standing out behind the backup line, but bad because it is happening against the first-team defense. He is breaking a lot of tackles in the backfield or at the line, and also doing a nice job of hitting his gaps quickly. I think he’ll play a lot this year.

There really was nothing about the safeties that stood out today in what we saw. Remember that they scrimmaged for about an hour before we were let in.

What I saw of Bijhon was not real good. I watched him pretty close for one drive and he was pushed around pretty good by Zach Rogers, the second-team center. On one run, Rogers turned Jackson to the outside, which allowed a big hole for Hayden on about a 20-yard gain up the middle. Jackson did look better when the first defense went against the scout offense, but that is to be expected. I would not be surprised to see Capps overtake him at that position, although I think both will play quite a bit.

Cole Hedlund looked good today; was 4-for-4 in the open portion with makes from 36, 38, 43 and 48. All of his kicks were off the left hash, where he struggled last season. Mazza was 2-for-3 with makes from 33 and 43, and a miss wide right from 48. All of his kicks were off the right hash. Conner Limpert missed his only attempt, a 53-yarder that had the distance but was wide left. He looks like more of a kickoff guy to me.

Thanks Matt!!! Great info!

How did Devwah look? He needs to also be a stud for us. I’m thrilled Chase is looking great. Devwah needs to look great too. I didn’t think Devwah saw things as well as Rawleigh last year. That was to be expected. But I am hoping he sees things better now. He has the size and acceleration to be a stud if he can just see it.

Devwah did not get much work during the open portion today; all I remember is a short run, maybe 4 or 5 yards. Some starters were held out for the majority or the entirety of what we saw, including Austin Allen, Dre Greenlaw and Frank Ragnow.

That explains why no one was mentioning him. That’s better than “he looked bad…or got stuffed” all day.

We need Devwah and Chase to be 1000 yard rusher types…not to say they will be. But we need them to both be that good. I am happy Williams is here…but I’m betting Chase get’s 2nd RB carries by the midpoint. Maybe before that.