Scrimmage updates, Bielema presser rundown, updated depth chart

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Great info! Thanks!!

Chase clearly looks great. You made that point resoundingly. His stock is rising like crazy. Its awesome that Chase looks great, but we need Devwah to be a stud too. Is Devwah seeing the holes and cutback lanes?

Noticed they moved Liddell back to 1st team. I suspected this would happen. How is his tackling?

I am happiest that Dre and Scoota played well and walked away healthy. Whew!

I am interested in knowing how Devwah looks, too. I am thrilled about Chase, but I’m hoping David Williams and Devwah Whaley are solid.

Devwah looks fine physically. Unofficially, he has 27 carries for 101 yards in the 2 scrimmages. Obviously you’d like the production to be better given that all his work has come against the twos. Some nice runs, but nothing spectacular.

David has 60 yards on 16 carries. He’ll probably fill the Kody Walker role. I’d say he’s a little lighter, quicker and a better cutter than Kody. Bret said both he and Devwah need to improve pass blocking.

Chase has 183 yards on 26 carries, the vast majority of which has come against the No. 1 defense. Even taking away the long TD, he is averaging more per carry than the others. Bret agreed with the notion he is doing the best job making something out of nothing.

Maleek has 31 yards on 16 carries working with the twos and developmental group. Distant fourth on the depth chart at this point, but you never know how it’ll play out. Could wind up being needed.

Liddell has come downhill and wrapped up nicely a few times, which is what I pay attention to with him given that it’s been an area of weakness for him. He was going to play a lot regardless of whether he started or not, but the fact they moved him ahead of Coley, who’d been with the ones since the start of spring, is interesting.

I walked out behind a couple of players the other day who were talking about Chase. One said he makes chicken salad out of chicken - something else.

That’s what I like to hear! Just maybe our offense, with a senior QB and several stud backs, can cover up for the defensive deficiencies that ruined last season and had people on the ledge Saturday night.