Scrimmage observations

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— Devwah Whaley and Rawleigh Williams had really good days. Williams looks better than he did last year and Whaley has star potential.

— The new-look OL looked good, but the defensive didn’t bring everything. Still did some stunts and twists, but Bielema asked Smith to tone it down a bit.

— Austin Allen and Keon Hatcher had a nice rapport.

— Ty Storey got more reps with the second team and generally appeared to be ahead of Rafe Peavey. Looked a lot more comfortable.

— Cole Kelley has a HUGE arm.

— Ricky Town is very clearly the fifth quarterback on the roster. Makes you wonder how much longer he’ll stick around.

Lot more in there.

But AA has a bigger arm?


Cole has the strongest arm, but Austin definitely has zip on the ball too.

Cole had some nice throws but he also threw not so good ones. He had an int and had some others that also could’ve been picked off. Not unusual for a freshman to do that.

Going back to Austin, I remember his last state championship game being very windy. It was very unpredictable because it was a swirling wind at WMS. Best I can’t recall his passes still had a nice tight spiral despite throwing in a headwind, crosswind, etc.

Seems like a nicely thrown tight spiral ball is worth trading some velocity. Can Cole develop that type of spiral or are mechanics really set by this stage?

No doubt. His biggest deal is getting more experience. He has the tools but he tried to force some things on Saturday. All that will come with more reps.

I’m thinking Cole may be hard to keep off the field. RS year, of course. But after that …

My guess is that he has two years to back-up Austin. Then it’s between him and Storey in 2018.

Cole reminds me a lot of Ryan Mallett when he first arrived. He can throw the ball a mile, but he can pass it?

There was a short pass the other day - probably within 5 yards - and Cole just threw the ball too hard. It was like he was trying to complete a pass 15 yards downfield. It went right off the receiver’s chest. He never had a chance to catch the ball.

Most of his bad throws are the result of poor footwork. That is his biggest downfall right now. He does not look comfortable taking snaps from under center, which is common for a lot of quarterbacks coming out of high school these days.