Screwed on that call to end game

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Fouled way to much at end of regulation. Lotta reaching and hacking. Really tired. Missed some easy shots, careless undisciplined with the ball late.

But played well enough to win and better than I thought they would. Competed hard. But let one slip away they should not have.

Sloppy. That’s what that was!

I didn’t think their defense was as sharp tonight. It was good, but there were lapses. WK didn’t seem to have any problem driving to the basket. Made some very foolish turnovers. At very critical times. We let this one get away from us. Played hard.

We blew that game. Even though foul not called horrible shot by jones. Then in ot Jones and Harris were turnover prone. Lesson, don’t schedule western Kentucky.

Sloppy is an exaggeration but a little smarter/better play in the last minute of regulation and we win this one easily. Particularly those two quick fouls by Whitt that stopped the clock and allowed them to better set up their inbounds defense. The Hogs never quit tho, in genera I am proud of them.

As far as driving to basket, forget who it was , maybe gt, but that now is in opponents scouting report. Plus transition defense was sloppy

The defensive lapse have increased over the last several games. Because we are so limited offensively, we have to play really hard on D to win. We seem tired because we have to play so hard to have a chance. Love their fight but I don’t know how many good teams we are going to beat this year, especially on the road where we have questionable officiating to deal with as well. Figure they lose at IU and end up somewhere around .500 in conference. Given what we have from a talent perspective that would be a pretty solid coaching job. If they play this hard when we have more talent, look out SEC.

Should have never been an overtime. Isaiah Joe, as much as I like him doesn’t shoot free throws as well as a shooter of his talent. He missed the front end of a 1 and 1 in the first half and missed again at the end. That point would have prevented overtime.

If you play Defense the last 45 seconds and don’t foul you win anyway! The players are getting wore out without any depth! Tired legs and fatigue makes you look slow and cause what we all watched. A simple meltdown.

The best team won. WK has players as good as our player, plus they are deeper. We would have won if, at the end, our players were not too tired to play well.

The charge on joe was complete BS. Proud of the way they played and competed.

The goal tending on Bailey was bad as well and he was fouled! There were several bad calls. The mistake not to call timeout by CEM needs to change.

The hogs just blew it!
Lack of depth and inside presence.
Turnovers !! Hero ball at the end. Take the darn ball to the hole.

Just love how Hog fans know more than our football and basketball coach haha. Dude has over 30 years coaching nba international g league and ncaa and we’re gonna tell him what he needs to do unbelievable

Yup…funny ain’t it. Muss don’t call timeouts and his players get tired. Amazin’ we’re 8-1.

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Not gonna win m all. 8-1 right now is way better than anyone on here thought (armchair coaches included).

I thought most of the game we were standing around on offense or playing one-on-one a lot more than in earlier games. But that could have been a result of their defense forcing us out of the offense we wanted. It was a tough, hard-fought game with a disappointing ending. Certainly highlighted our inside weakness. Wait until next year!

Got sloppy in the close, hopefully they will learn from it.


There were at least three no called fouls by WKU on the last play of regulation. Totally disgusting. Yes, we didn’t play well but the officiating was even worse.


That’s was my point in making this thread, put aside all the other stuff MJ 3 point attempt he was fouled straight up hit the hand