Scratch that NIL Money

Oh no, gonna miss that Sam Houston game.


Cannabis companies may come a calling with offers of their own, once he is reinstated.

I hope this is a wake up call for this young man and that someone steps in and mentors him. I have doubts that Jimbo can (or will) do that. His history is not good in that area.


Will get NIL from the Association of Texas DUI Attorneys, Smith & Wesson and Dallas Hemp Company.


The guy was supposed to be one of the player reps at SEC Media Days. Jimbo is getting that Florida State vibe going down in College Station.

Jimbo can certainly tell everyone that he has a possession receiver.


Yeah you guys are probably right, what was I thinking. Jimbo is already down a receiver. :sunglasses:

You gotta be a special kind of stupid to get arrested on a weapons charge in an open-carry state. And DWI+weed+a loaded gun is a special kind of stupid. Or a standard Aggie.


That’s funny…

Like I always say, there are no Aggie jokes because those stories are true.

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Jumbo ain’t got the guts to dismiss him from the team based on his history of handling issues like this. Probably will suspend him up until our game and then reinstate him!

Well, well, whatta you know.

I thought when nobody claimed possession of anything illegal whether in a vehicle or a residence, a blanket charge applied to all involved. At least in AR anyway.

I think it’s up to the cop or the prosecutor maybe. That happened to, er. some friends of mine back in HS in Arkansas. Everybody said, not mine. Everybody got charged. :sunglasses:

In my day, what the criminal part was would have been inmaterial. The coach would have kicked the guy off the team in most cases.

But in my day drugs were not yet plentiful and virtually unknown for teens.

Times have changed.

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At a minimum, the driver would be held responsible in AR. In Texas, weed is still illegal and 0.29 oz is not a joint, it’s a small bag. County attorney is probably running for re-election this fall. He might be corrupt, but not stupid.

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