Scratch one in-state prospect

from visiting Arkansas’ Red-White game.

OL Stacey Wilkins said he had an appointment get moved up and he won’t be able to attend the game. He plans to set up another visit.

If this means he visits Fayetteville instead of the R&W game I say it’s a good thing. The coaches can’t talk to the kids on Saturday.

JMO…in following this guy on Twitter I would be cautious with him if I’m a coach…

While I will admit that I haven’t seen everything of his on twitter, my observations from being around him and talking to him on the phone are that he is a polite yes sir, no sir guy that seems very mature for his age.

I’m curious as to what you see on twitter what you see that would make one seem cautious.

Some of his retweets are sometimes racy and profane…also has some vague tweets like he is having an argument with his girlfriend or some other girl…and what I meant by cautious is simply due diligence and I imagine the coaching staff is monitoring most if not all their recruits

I made this comment last year about the prior regimes. I saw CBB say something to Austin Allen via twitter when he was still a SR in HS. First time I had seen an “authority” figure call someone out. Last year, however, I had seen several comments made by some of our players and recruits that made it appear maybe not everyone was saying or doing the right thing. Nothing from Bret at all. I think he had quit monitoring some of his players and recruits. I will be interested to see if Morris or the new staff are monitoring the guys now.