Scratch Jesse Edwards

Off the list.

Joe Tipton reports he’s down to Gonzaga, Kansas and West Virginia

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Durn. His likeness could have been on every ABF truck traveling the Interstates

Senor Davenport what are we gonna do? This is disappointing :pensive:

I think Muss will take care of the situation. This guy had already been contacted by these three coaches. His first visit had already been scheduled at West Virginia. Muss will get who he thinks he needs and will fit his plan.

Actually, no it couldn’t. As an international athlete (Netherlands) on a student visa, he can’t have a job. And that includes posing for a picture to go on the side of those trucks. We’d have to do a bunch of NIL stuff for someone like him on the trip to Atlantis, where he’s outside the US borders, and have him paid at that time. Which is what Oscar Tshiebwe did last summer on UK’s summer trip.

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I was hoping we would get him but I know we’re still trying… hopefully we will get somebody that can make an impact in the post.

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Sure looks like West Virginia jumped the gun here before he was even officially in the portal.
Surely, Huggy Bear wouldn’t do that after he lost Oscar T to The Squid…
Consider me shocked!:roll_eyes:

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