Scouting Tenn

Tenn doesn’t have the starting pitching we have seen,all their starters have ERA around 4 and lead the SEC in HRs given up with 52,we have the least at 36 so we have the Advantage there.They have some BP arms but no real dominant # like we’ve seen from other teams.The only real good team they have faced is Vandy and Vandy scored 19 runs in taking 2/3 compared to scoring only 8 against Ga staff in losing 2/3. They haven’t faced anywhere near the pitching we have Ms St and OM have Great starting pitching as do all the team we saw in Arlington

They hit .279 and 64 HRs, we hit .280 and 78 Hrs, they K more than we do 419 to our 399 so you have both teams swinging for the fences but one gives up quite a few more Hrs than the other.

We are the better team,I beleive Wick and the Koppsinator set the tone for the weekend and remind them of the sweep in 19 and that they are playing the #1 team in America.

Latest SEC stats.

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Tennessee is a good team. No doubt. But, based on pure speculation, if the Vols played an SEC West schedule, they’d probably finish somewhere between Ole Miss and Mississippi State.

They are dangerous because they are feeling very confident right now, they are crushing the ball and our Pitching outside of Wick and Kopps is very iffy. The crowd will be the best they’ve had all yr and want to send a message to us that they are #1.
I think game 1 is crucial, we need to win that to set the tone.

You knw toney wants this series bad, but so does dvh. I think our team will feed off there crowd as well.

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