Scouting report on 2017 hoops signees?

As we look to close out 2017 hoops recruiting, it would be great if Dudley/Richard, or others who have seen them play could summarize what they think we are getting w Gafford, Garland, and Hall?

Any thoughts on their games, strengths and weakness, and a comparison to a current or former Hog would be great!

Gafford- Very athletic, very good hops, somewhat limited offensively with put backs and shots close to the basket, but has improved. Above average defender, shot blocker and rebounder, runs the floor extremely well.

Gafford vs. Portis- Gafford is better defensively and as a shot blocker, probably better at running the floor. Bobby was very skilled offensively coming out of high school and was a threat to score inside and outside the paint as a freshman. Gafford will do most of his scoring in the paint as a freshman.

Khalil Garland- Good ball handler, loves going to the basket and is a very good finisher, but has enough of an outside game to keep the defense honest. Very good basketball IQ. Can defend the one, two or three. I see him being one of the leaders of the team while he’s in Fayetteville. He’s got the it factor.

I see a lot of Jaylen Barford in Garland with their games, athleticism and body types being similar. Khalil is probably a little bigger.

Darious Hall- long and athletic, another one that’s good handling the ball and driving to the basket, he does most of his scoring by driving and shooting around the paint, outside game is his biggest weakness, if he gets to be a consistent outside threat then his game goes to a different level. Because of his length he can be a very good defender

I think of Qualls when I see Darious. I think Darious is a much better handler of the ball at this stage while Qualls’ athleticism is probably a notch above Darious.

I just wrote an article for the magazine covering this.

We’ll run it on here or do some excerpts in the near future.

Great info. Thanks to you both.

Yes I love the Dawson/Davenport opinions. Very informative!