Scouting Report: Butler University

Great post and info about Butler. For you have watched a full game, you have a better understanding of their team’s capabilities. I am hoping that the coaching staff has looked at some video and have a plan how to deal with their strength. It’s no wonder, they have them picked over AR, even if it’s small.

Butler shot 68% from the arc in their win over Villanova, which was on Dec. 30. You wouldn’t expect them to shoot that well in an empty gym, much less against Villanova. That was hopefully a once a season type performance. They can, nonetheless, get hot and shoot a team out of the gym. Butler shot over 50% from the arc against two other Big East foes, Marquette and Creighton. It’s a concern. However, by the same token Arkansas shot over 50% from the arc in 7 games to 4 games for Butler and over 40% in 18 games to 11 for Butler. It’s safe to say that if one team is on from the perimeter and the other isn’t, game over.

I was thinking the other day that we haven’t had that game where we just shoot lights out as a team. We’ve had spectacular performances from individuals, but we haven’t had an eruption against a major foe where just every bounce goes our way. You usually get one of those every year in compensation for having it done to you at some point. Hopefully we stored it in the bank for this time of year.

Butler shoots well from the line but they don’t get there much. Opponents took 112 more FTAs than the Bulldogs did. That tells me they’re a jump-shot team, don’t attack the rim well.

But they give up 37% shooting on threes. Yes, that’s worse than our 3-D, even after EOE-K torched us. I could see Macon, Barford, CJ and even Beard going off, which in turn should open them up inside for Gafford and for Barford’s drives.

As Dudley noted, they lost 13 games. There are reasons why. Let’s hope Mike identifies and exploits those reasons.

Its the tournament and every team is there for a reason including US!!