Scout offered me 6 months

Free today If I agreed not to cancel…I said no dice and cancelled. It took me almost 2 hours of calling before someone finally answered the phone…ridiculous

Guess it’s all who you talk to. I’m sure they have been getting lots of calls. The guy I talked to made zero effort to keep me. Didn’t even ask my reason for leaving. I was on and off the phone in less than 4 mins counting wait time.

Its faster if you email. They will respond by telling you to call a number. Just say you tried that and you couldn’t get through and they will go ahead and do it.

I got the wrong number the first call. Got an ad for the “I have fell down and I cant get up” button around your neck, then if I had bought one, I got a free swim in Disney’s 300 acre lake in FL. I guess this is the swim with the alligator lake in the news a couple weeks ago with the little boy that got ate by the gator. Well I dialed up another number that was the right one several times, got dropped a couple times after holding 5 minutes each time, then finally got though to talk to some boring little boy. He did not care whatsoever if Scout went flat broke or not in my opinion.

Sad you had to go through that much trouble. I seriously believe you hurt yourself in the long run when you don’t respect the customer.

I called as soon as the lines opened. I guess the guy wasn’t awake yet because the call lasted about two minutes and he didn’t seem to care why.

I guess the question would be why you would want 6 months free access to something with no updated content. They banned everyone that contributed insider info but want everyone else to stay?

Do you get a pro-rated discount. I was going to wait until mine expired in November because I didn’t think you got any money back.

No. In one of Matt or Clay’s articles or posts, they said Scout is not refunding any monies. My annual subscription doesn’t expire until early April, 2017, so I’m going to wait until the end of March to cancel.

Can someone post the phone number. I googled it yesterday and called what was supposivly the number but all I got were ads.

1 888 501 6762

You don’t have to wait to cancel. You still keep access until your subscription runs out. All you are really cancelling is the auto renewal so it’s probably better to cancel sooner rather than later so you don’t forget. If you forget, you will get charged again and not get refunded"

Harley, you might check the last for digits. Think they are off a bit.

The correct number is 1-888-501-5752.

I called this morning and told the guy I wanted to cancel my account with them,He said An Arkansas account or Hawgs Illustrated account (don’t remember which one he said) but I said yes and he said,Its done, and I had a email instantly confirming the cancellation,

What about the Hawgs Illustrated magazine? Is that through the Scout account? If I cancel my scout account and have a wholehogs account, is the magazine gone? Is there anything that explains WTH is actually going on? Seems like all the people paying lots of money for this stuff should at least be informed exactly what’s going on. My guess is many will bail due to having no idea what’s going on.

I sent you a PM on the old board.

or send a written letter?

Can you all provide me with an email or phone number? I have been off the board for awhile and I am trying to get up to speed on the transition. Thanks.

Call 1-800-757-6277 during normal business hours.