Scotty Thurman

I’ve heard from someone who should know that Scotty will not be retained. If this is true, I view it as a big mistake. There has never been a better ambassador for Arkansas Basketball than Scotty Thurman. He’s not solely a Mike Anderson guy. He’s a Razorback to the core. Again, this is second hand information, and I truly hope it’s Not true.

This seems to be going around. Bummer. Surely he will stick on in some capacity right?

If this is true I have a lot of respect for Mus and am impressed that he means business, and he will not be pressured to hire a fan favorite if he thinks another piece helps him win.

He knows he has to produce.

Scotty should have a job of some kind in the Athletic department for life as an ambassador.

But we should not lobby for him to be an assistant just because we all love him.

Richard Davenport’s story on Jeantal Cylla, the new grad transfer commit, sure made it sound like Cylla believes Thurman is going to be around. Doesn’t mean he will be an assistant, but when I read it, I thought it meant he likely would be. From Richard’s story…

"He hit it off with Thurman during the visit while learning about the former Razorback’s career, which included making the high-arching three-pointer to help defeat Duke for the 1994 national championship.

“I didn’t know too much about him, but as I was asking my mentor and old coaches if they knew who Scotty Thurman was, they were like, ‘Scotty Thurman, he’s a legend.’ I did my research and figured out he was on that championship team. I saw his jersey at a couple of restaurants around town.”

Thurman’s resume in the college and professional ranks has Cylla looking forward to learning from him.

“He’s been there and done that,” Cylla said. “He’s been on the national stage, and he’s really respected in Arkansas. He’s a pretty cool dude, a player’s coach. It’s always good to have a player’s coach on the staff.”

Cylla joked with Thurman about the possibility of making a name for himself at Arkansas."

"I was like, ‘Man, it’s time to pass the torch,’ " Cylla said. “I want to be the next Scotty Thurman. I told him that and he said, ‘We’ll see, we’ll see.’ He’s a really humble guy. You wouldn’t know who he was by knowing him.”

Dudley, if you are out there, could you confirm or deny this rumor? This is very important news to some of us.

First mistakes by Muss if true.

Williams is underwhelming and since when is Georgia in our footprint ?

Scotty gets you in the door in Arkansas

admin guy, but has decided not do so.

Why would Muss be reaching out to former Hog greats as described in another thread, but not keep an Arkansas connected legend. Yea not many kids these days know hardly any former legends other than MJ a few others. But when Cylia asked his coaches they enlightened him quickly, he researched it and next thing ya know he is on his way to AR for a visit.

To be honest I hope he won’t be detained, although to me it is a no brainer to keep him for so many reasons. If this coach failed he should select who he trust can help him. On the other hand it is a head scratcher to allow him to continue recruit and you don’t keep him

Big mistake by Musselman. I was impressed with what he had been doing and saying…until now.

Love Scotty Thurman to death, but if you hire a guy to run your program you trust him to make these types of moves. Hope Scotty finds work elsewhere and is wildly successful, but prior to Arkansas had he coached anywhere else?

I would love for Muss to hire Scotty as an assistant coach. But since he didn’t, I’m excited he’s got someone who he thinks is better.

There had to be a reason for not keeping him. Dudley any speculation? You think he maybe just wanted a clean start to his employment here?

According to Bob Holt’s story, Thurman had the opportunity to remain on staff, but in a role similar to what he had during the John Pelphrey years and the early years of Mike Anderson’s tenure. There are only three assistant coach positions. You can’t blame Musselman for filling those with people who he thinks fit best.

Musselman has been great so far, in my opinion, of bringing back former players and making sure they realize they are welcome in his program. I don’t think this diminishes that in any way.

I wish Scotty the best. He has been nothing but professional in my dealings with him.

Tweet from Scotty

Soon after he changed his profile from “Coach” to “Alum”

You hire a coach to do a job and hire the staff HE thinks can best help him meet his objectives.

Kudos to Musselman for doing it his way and best of luck to Scotty in his next move.


I’m disappointed b/c I like Scotty… it was good to have someone around from the best times of Arkansas Basketball…

All that said… Musselman is not “Wrong” for doing this… he simply had to make a decision that HE thought was best for his program at this time.

Scotty isn’t hurting… His wife does well as a Doctor… he’s had real-estate endeavors etc that he’s done in the past… It’ll be interesting to see what he does in his immediate future. I would be surprised if he’s looking for another coaching gig … but you never know. Even though I don’t think they’ll be hurting financially… I’m sure it’s still a blow when 200+K is taken out of your household… but again… that’s not, nor should it be, Musselman’s concern. He’s got to do what HE thinks is best… b/c ultimately, if he’s not successful, he’s the one that’s got to answer all the questions.

Good Luck Scotty… Wish you nothing but the best.

I think that could be the case… just wanting a fresh start.

It COULD be (and I have NO evidence that this is the case) that he perceives Scotty as too Laid back for his liking… and we see Musselman is nothing like that… That could be a stretch…

I love Scotty Thurman to death. Especially since my SECOND favorite team is UNC, and he hit the shot that beat Dook. But a new coach has to pick his own guys. When Matt Doherty came to UNC years ago as head coach, people whined and complained that he brought his own staff and had to dismiss prominent former UNC players from the staff. They said that started the ill feelings. And then he was eventually fired. Then Roy Willliams came in. And brought his own staff. Same deal. But what Doherty did was terrible and when Roy did the same thing, regrettable but perfectly ok. Why? Because after a great start, Doherty did not win and Roy has won multiple National Championships. You win, you can do practically anything and it is ok. You lose, and even your choice of shirts is subject to criticism. Not saying it should be that way. But it is what it is.