Scotty Pippen Jr

Don’t know if this has been posted or everyone already knows, but Scottie Pippen’s son, Scotty is starting for Vandy as a freshman averaging 10 a game,

BTW, per Tom Murphy, in addition to Nesmith, Vandy will also be without senior forward Clevon Brown. Hard times have fallen over the Vandy program for the past few years.


PJ, we appreciate you providing the negatives on every opponent this year.

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Is that negative? I thought it was just facts.


Unless Pippen’s son is not starting for Vandy or Nesmith & Brown get to play tonight, I’d say PJ is bringing good info.

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Clay, if you haven’t noticed that PJ has done that with every opponent since MA left, you haven’t spent much time on the Hoops board.


Of all the things PJ posts that are deliberately stirring the pot. . . . this one was just factual information and you choose to take issue with it. . . . . . . smh

I see nothing wrong with his post.

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PJ brings great stuff here. I don’t think the post above was about MA, but I like his insights and observations anyway.

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nothing negative at all there…looking forward to watching the game.

I predict AR will take the game too lightly in the first half against an outmanned Vandy team but will come back … Capable of a 25 point win easily but think we win by 10-12 points. But, hey, a win is a win right… especially at home! Go Hogs.

Lets get far enough ahead that the “bench” can get some valuable playing time AND avoid us getting any of our starting 5 hurt while playing too lax. Hope our #6 - #9 get a LOT of playing time. We need to know what they can do in a real, non-practice setting. They NEED some confidence building for sure!

As I said, lax play first half and we are up by only 6. BIG thing is our top two players have NO points. Never happened before for an entire half!!!

Luckily others have stepped up a bit and we do lead. Hope it doesn’t end up with us winning by just 10, as I had mentioned 2 hours ago. Some energy and made shots by Jones and Joe in the second half is a must! Fingers crossed.

Really nice looking player (SP-Jr).

I wish we had a PG who could dribble and penetrate…this is where our coaching staff has really failed the last few seasons…finding that guy.

I kinda like our PG, Whitt who scored 30 tonight.

Jones was the point guard last night. Was not Whitt. Whitt was roaming the paint and the baseline for the most part and Jones was initiating the sets.

True last night because Vandy had no one who could handle Jimmy’s mid range and inside game. CEM has a very unique line-up with interchangeable parts. He’s talked several times about having to play Jones at the 4 (more point forward than power forward). And from the beginning he’s called Jimmy our PG.

Vandy decided they were going to defend threes like crazy, even when they were in the zone. Their bigs are slow footed and slow jumping, and they were not getting much help from the guards and small forwards who were sticking close to Joe and Jones. Kudos to Whitt and Chaney for taking advantage of the situation, and to our guards as a group for getting them the ball.

I was impressed with Pippen the younger. If he gets more scorers to play with and develops his outside shot a bit, he could make Vandy a very, very dangerous team the next couple of years.

In the few games I have seen, Scotty mostly came off the bench and hit well from the outside. He has been making 34% of his threes. 15 out of 44. For whatever reason, last night Stackhouse benched Saban Lee and started Scotty. Having to be the lead guard was probably something new and his outside shooting probably suffered.

Vandy will be dangerous starting next year. They will lose Nesmith but Stackhouse has some good recruits lined up.

Hard to believe they won’t let Pippin start at point going forward. He looks like a natural breaking down a defense.

Coach Musselman noted that the scouting report shows Lee feels more comfortable off the bench.

Makes sense since Lee has only started 2 of Vanderbilt’s 16 games.

Who was #3?..guy has a great offensive game. The 2nd half he didn’t make much noise, but he was impressive that first half. Vandy looked pretty good, even without Nesmith. They will be tough next year.