Scottie's postgame thoughts

Today was Scottie Bordelon’s first day on the job. Here is his first story for us: … -thoughts/

Regarding the interesting lineup that Scottie mentions, not sure if Scottie was at the Troy game, but that lineup was used during that game. It may have been Thompson instead of Gafford, but they did have three bigs on the floor at the same time.

The ORU game showed that the pundits should track and report on unforced errors. I’d suggest that at least 50% of the ORU turnovers were unforced…they are a lousy team…although I sure liked one of their bigs…and I wonder why we can’t recruit those guys.

I appreciate the info. I wasn’t at the Troy game and the site I use for lineup tracking hasn’t been updated recently. But Mike running with three bigs on the floor there too when he’s primarily gone with three-guard lineups this season tells me he’s experimenting to see what combinations might work when conference play gets here.

Going back and re-watching the ORU game Tuesday night, the Beard-Barford-Cook-Thomas-Gafford lineup was really effective. Offensively it scored 9 points on 5 possessions and Gafford had 2 of his 4 assists in that span. ORU scored just once against it and had to settle for some pretty tough 3s late in the shot clock with the lane clogged with so much length.

Plus, with the three senior guards each playing around 30 minutes per game on average, those bigger, longer lineups can give at least one of them a solid breather.

Mr Scott thank you for you article and I enjoyed it! You have a Merry Christmas and welcome to the Razorback family!
I look forward to reading your article right here on this board.

Thank you very much. Merry Christmas to you as well.