I’m watching the TN vs Mizzery game. They keep showing TN’s assist to turnover ratio, said it’s very good (1.83) what’s ours? And how does it rank in the SEC?

Also, complaining a little here, but I watched a TN player do what Desi did and step in front of a Missery player chasing the ball on a break away and to my surprise ( :roll: ) no call.

I’ve seen this done quite a bit, but Desi is the first time I’ve actually seen it called

Yep, I was screaming at the t.v. when that was called.

Kentucky does that all the time.

Arkansas’ team assist-to-turnover ratio is 1.4:1 and it ranks second in the league behind Tennessee.

Here’s the numbers for each team: … noverRatio

I’ll also add that Tennessee is fifth nationally in assist rate at 66.7 percent. Arkansas is ninth at 63.8, according to KenPom.