Scottie, Your Stab at the 1st Seven is?

Muss just said he’s pretty solid on his first seven guys; now trying to figure out 8, 9, 10 etc.

Good question. Right now, I would say:

Justin Smith
JD Notae
Vance Jackson
Jalen Tate
Desi Sills
Moses Moody
Connor Vanover

Think Jaylin Williams and KK Robinson are close, too.

That’s a pretty “wow” statement from Muss. You sure you heard him right? Anyway, I think I have a pretty good feel for who would be the top 8. I have no idea who I would want to remove from those 8.

J Smith
V Jackson
D Sills
M Moody
J Williams

I don’t see any obvious removal from those 8. In fact, I’d really want to add Davis to the 8, but sure don’t know which 2 to remove. Shoot, he could also have Notae and Henderson in there because of their experience. I’m stymied.

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Here is the quote from Musselman:

“I do think that there’s a solid seven that have kind of formed who that group is. Then who 8, 9, 10 and so on … I’m not really sure about that. But I do feel really confident, at least in my mind, who that seven is right now based on playing unselfish, based on understanding the schemes. I feel good about seven, but we’ve got to keep working.”

His “basis” for the first 7 could make it tougher for the freshmen to be included at this point in the season. I’m remembering the 5-star recruit at Nevada that wasn’t in his top 7 his last year there. I just really have no idea, and I also would bet no one will ever know who those 7 are right now. It could be public motivation for all those players who aren’t certain they are in the 7 (which could be every player).

As a suggestion, eliminate the one you think might be the biggest liability for executing team defense. That’s why young Mr. 5-Star Brown wasn’t in UNR’s Top 7.

Focusing on top 7 doesn’t necessarily mean only 7 get significant PT. I HOPE.

Defense and being able to avoid turnovers are the two things that seem to motivate Musselman to get you on the court. It reminds me so much of Eddie Sutton. Value the ball and defend.

I think Notae is ahead of KK but who knows.

I thought Nolan and Mike Anderson were the same. You couldn’t play for them if you didn’t play defense. I think most coaches now emphasize defense for earning playing time. Of course. There are exceptions.

Probably so. But the style of defense is MUCH different. Muss plays a style similar to Eddie.

However Muss plays switching man-to-man defense. You will see a 5 covering the PG at times. Eddie played straight man with no switching. I think Muss’s man defense is more like Nolan’s than Eddie’s when Nolan chose to play man-to-man defense. What do you think?

I don’t think it’s remotely similar to Nolan’s except intensity. The guarding position is different and less trapping. Effort and intensity similar. I believe you have a good point. But the risk taking is where it’s different.

I agree with that Clay. Two of us are on the same page now.

Is Notae healthy now?

That first sentence isn’t absolutely correct. More accurately said, he’s strictly man to man that’s multiple against ball screens. Sometimes he switches, sometimes he doesn’t. Sometimes they hard hedge, sometimes they drop. Depends on the personnel and the match-up.

Schematically, there’s a ton of difference between Nolan/Mike and Muss’ defenses. The biggest difference is that Nolan/Mike’s difference relies on instinctive traps and scrambles. Muss’ defenses don’t do that at all; rather, they rely on gameplan and assignments with strict guardrails. I think that’s part of Clay’s point.

But what I was getting at is Eddie’s defenses never switched. Also, didn’t seem to me like switching was the exception. I will have to watch it closer this season.

This matches what little I have seen and what I have heard. There are going to be some guys who really expected to be big time who are going to have a hard time getting on the floor much.

It’s too early to tell how it’s going to play out. There one thing for sure there are options for the alpha dog on this team.
Defense will be the deciding factor who gets the playing time.
This is an exciting time for Basketball! Both men’s and women’s.

Having depth is a key to having a great program. The most important part is that the talent depth is high. Then you can plug and play depending on the opponent and the flow of the game. Quality depth is a wonderful problem to have.