Scottie, one question

Have we hard hedged a ball screen all year?

No! Love Gafford, but he kills us on defense at times. They were several times he could have got back to the big men who rolled - but he won’t. I don’t know if it’s coaching, his conditioning or his IQ (meaning he is still a relatively young player), but it freaking kills us.

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Hog2009, I have a ?. Why do we bring Gafford out on a guard at all? Sometimes he’s so far from the basket he can’t possibly get back. We never seem to switch.

I can’t stand it, but I understand it IF HE HEDGED HARD. Instead he hedges flat, applies no pressure essentially doing nothing, leaving ball handler and screener unimpeded.

I might have selective memory, but we simply switch every screen and do not hedge to save our lives. It’s disgusting.

I’ve rarely seen it happen. It’s among the more frustrating things about watching Arkansas defensively. In a way you might not want Dan to hedge screens hard too often to avoid picking up a cheap foul on the perimeter, but I’ve long thought if he hedged that he might be able to cause some issues with his length and quick hands on an unsuspecting guard or forward.

Thanks SB
At least on this topic I’m not taking crazy pills

We have switched every screen(most of the time) for years. It rarely works. Today Florida never switched…they hedged and got back. Why we don’t teach it that way I have no idea.

+1 if I could. Excellent post.
Hedge hard and get back. That is how I was taught and it worked

Gafford was out of position up high all game long and Florida used the switch like a charm. It helped them score and get rebounds. Why have a rim protector if your not using them down low. It was disappointing!

We know pulling Gafford away from the rim by using his man as a screener is intentional. Ole Miss did it very well in Oxford. A number of coaches have elected to go that route this year, and Mike White, I believe, is one of the best in the league at scheming opponents and running offense - whether it be baseline out of bounds plays or whatever - that pulls the focal point of defenses out of position. It’s an adjustments game after that.