Scottie/Matt, estimated actual attendance?

Couldn’t tell at all on TV, but they were lively.

I would say 12k. Most of the lower bowl was full and some scattered upper level. Largest student attendance ever according to the announcement. Somewhere around 3500 or something like that.

I’d guess at least 10,000, maybe more. It was a great crowd for how lousy the roads are.

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That looks about right. We always scan the crowd after the game has been going for at least five minutes. Late arrivals trickle in especially for 6 pm games. We thought between 12 - 13k. The bottom ended up being about 75% full and the upper deck above the student side had a few hundred and a few more scattered on the other side.

If I remember correctly the lower deck is about 12K capacity and the UD is 7K+. So 75% downstairs would be about 9K plus however many went upstairs.

I remember more like 15k lower and 4200 up. Swine, you are very good at finding stats like this. Maybe you can dig it up or tell me where to look.

I think I actually did some calculations a few years back from a BWA seating chart. Basically counted all the seats, which took a while. I don’t think the total I came up with was 19,200 either, but then the seating chart didn’t include the suites or Gucci Row

For example, section 118 (midcourt behind the scorers’ table) has 14 seats per row and 35 rows for a total of 490. Repeat that kind of calculation for the other sections, which is a little trickier for the wedge-shaped sections in the corner.

The sections in the UD have 15 rows and there are 36 sections upstairs, compared to 24 downstairs. Most of the UD sections are not exactly rectangular, but Section 219, for instance, is also 14 seats per row except 18 seats in the front two rows, so that’s 218 seats. While not every section is the same size, 218 x 36 is a lot more than 4200.

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Hard to say. Like you said some sections are cone-shaped. Some sections on the bottom are twice as wide at the top as the bottom. If the students had 3,500 last night, it sure looked like a lot more than 7,000 others in attendance just eye-balling it.

Well I think most of the additional students were filling in downstairs in seats that would normally be occupied by season ticket holders.

I took a seat on row G in the opposite corner of the band and there were quite a few students that filled in there and surrounding sections, so this is correct about them filling in other lower sections.

The box office had several hundred tickets in the lower west end and they had maybe 50 or so lower east end for $50.00. Most folks that were walking up and buying were purchasing the upper level seats for $25 and then just finding an open area downstairs.

Then there were quite a few folks that were just offering to let you in on their extra ticket, which is what happened with me. I picked the lower west end because I knew they weren’t going to sell all the tickets they had for sale in that area, plus with no shows, there were a lot of open areas there.

It was a good crowd and fun game. Really easy to get in and out before and afterwards. I’d guess somewhere slightly above 10k total as well.

Squealin…I was on Row H in Section 112. What section were you in?

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I was in 112 as well. The section in the corner that the 25 or so visiting teams fans usually have. I started on G, but then moved back to L, I believe it was, so I could be on the aisle.

Based on traffic leaving the game, I would say there was about 70,000 fans there.

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You must have been really close cuz my wife and I sat in seats 8 and 9 and that row was only about 15 total seats. The Aggies were about 3 or 4 rows in front of us. :slightly_smiling_face:

I was very close then. Started a couple seats in on row G but thought I might be in Aggie seats and moved back 3 or 4 rows to an aisle seat.

I apologize once again if you were the one that I spilled beer on their boots :wink:
Jumped up to cheer and accidentally kicked it over…expensive cheer!

I emailed the ticket office and here is the answer they sent.
Good Afternoon Robert,

Our manifest built on our ticket software shows 6,048 total upper bowl seats (4,311 – non students; 1,737 students).

Let me know if you have any questions or need anything else from me.

Go Hogs!

scott dietrich


479.575.4857 (w) 504.460.2663 (m) |

Razorback Ticket Center | 1295 S. Razorback Road, Suite B | Fayetteville, AR 72701

So that puts it at about 6,000 upper and 13,000 lower. That will be easy to remember for future reference.

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Very interesting. Kinda split the difference between your number and mine.

Now if you could find out what his manifest says for the lower bowl… I have always suspected the listed capacities at our stadiums/facilities are estimates at best. Perhaps they stick with the estimates because the actual capacity is not quite that high.

I emailed Scott asking for the actual capacities of RRS, BWA and BWS. We’ll see what I get.

It was wild. There was a long line of cars that parked in the lot at the corner of Razorback and Richardson, but drove over the ice through the Gardens and exited into Lot 56.

I started that train, Matt. I was the first one who made the move and everyone else followed. Traffic was at a stinking stand still and I got tired of waiting. My Yukon led the way and my buddy said everyone else followed behind me, including him.

I had a fun time last night. I took my son, who turns 5 in a few weeks, and sat in section 129. He thought it was a blast getting to go to a game with Dad and getting to drive on the ice. I didn’t enjoy the last part as much, but my truck handled it well and we didn’t have any issues.

He has really been getting into basketball — watching and playing — lately. I covered the baseball scrimmage at Baum last Saturday and got home about 15 minutes after the basketball game at Baylor began. I walked into my office and he was sitting at the desk “charting” the game. He did that while I wrote my baseball story. Hopefully he won’t get the sportswriting bug.

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