Scott Varady leaving Razorback Foundation

Razorback Foundation executive director Scott Varady has been hired as the UA’s vice chancellor for the advancement division. He will transition next month.

Billye Veteto will be the interim director.

He’s a fine fella and I wish him all the best!

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Oh come on. Scott is a dang lawyer. Lol. Fine fellow and lawyer don’t go in same sentence.

I’m joking.

He will do well.

I bet he’s tired of someone calling about losing their seats and/or parking.

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Oh, he’ll still be getting calls from donors in that job. But not about their season tickets.

Or doing a lot of calling donors!


He is a good guy. It took him from September to April to take me to lunch as promised during the 21-22 season. Now he has promised another lunch (he promised last September). He’s not getting out of it.


Scott is a phenomenal guy who is probably wired even better for the new position than at the RF (and he did a lot a great organizational updates in how they do business at the RF). He will work well with the new Chancellor.