Scott Inman

Scott Inman will be the fill-in on the baseball radio broadcasts this season when Phil Elson’s women’s basketball duties overlap. Scott is going to call the games tomorrow and Sunday, next Sunday against Bryant and the following week at Louisiana Tech and Frisco.

Phil will join Scott in Frisco after the women’s team is eliminated at the SEC Tournament.

Scott is a pro. Outstanding choice. I always like hearing his voice and thoughts.

As long as you guys never use Bill Walton from the West Coast it fine. Can’t stand to listen to him

I’ve never heard of him doing baseball (thank goodness).

Bill Walton on a baseball broadcast would be a trip - lots of down time during the games to elaborate on his zany thoughts.

We have been very lucky here at the UofA. Between Chuck, Phil and Scott, we have some of the best play by play guys in all of college baseball. I’ve done a lot of traveling through Texas and the southeast by car through the years and listen to baseball when possible. Those three beat any that I have heard.

They paint the picture. They give me what I want to know. That’s all you can ask. I want a lot from my baseball play-by-play guys and we’ve been spoiled.

Clay and Porque are exactly right. We have been spoiled.