Scott Hastings, Jalen Rose and Luke Kennard

I don’t think Jalen Rose knows anything about Scott Hastings other than skin color. … /451524087

I personally like Jalen and thought most of his comparisons were spot on, of course, he cannot be right on every one. Nobody is.

Regarding Kennard, I think Jalen is looking at outstanding perimeter shooting and lack of athleticism. That does fit Scott Hastings. What does not fit is Hastings was lot taller and Kennard drives to the basket much better than Hastings. I don’t remember Scott making as many difficult shots as Kennard does.

I would have compared Kennard to Dunnlevy. But that is another white guy to white guy. Who would you compare Kennard to?

Not a PF/C

I liked the Ringer’s pick of Wesley Matthews.

Jalen Rose’s comparisons are horrible. Me and my friends have a text group we usually comment in during the draft and one of the main things all of us notice were how bad his comparisons were. I mean they were atrocious.

I think the worst was his Lonzo Ball/Ricky Rubio Comparison. Let’s just break this down…

-Lonzo Ball is 6’6-6’7 and very athletic and known for athletic finishes around the rim. Has a weird looking shot but known as a good 3 point shooter (41% 3PT). Also, known as a very good passer.

-Ricky Rubio is 6’4 and plays below the rim mostly. He’s known for his good passing, but is has been known most of his career for being a pretty bad shooter. Has shot in low 30s and high 20’s from 3 most of his career.

How in the world does Rose come up with this as being a good comparison. Only thing they have in common is they both are good passers. It was a lot more that were bad, like Malik Monk/Lou Williams, but the Ball/Rubio was mind boggling.

As far as the Hastings comparison, that’s before my time, so I won’t comment on that, but just from his other comparisons I’ll trust that it was equally as bad.